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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Oh my God, someone recently registered :-D. I wonder, what reason one may have for that... Neither do I want nor I have the money to register that (and even if I would, I would probably register, so there's little hope I will try to buy it from the owner...

I wonder wether it has something to do with autotracking popular search phrases... a reseller might buy all the semi-popular not-taken search-terms.

Anyway, it was funny to see registered :-D

I think that you shall ready a couple of unspeakable horrors just in case.

lol, send some arachontrons to claim the name! who knows how popular this game will get! :D

Ultimate Carl:
That's pretty funny.  I do think some companies just reserve a lot of strange stuff just in case.  Seriously, you'd be amazed what odd domains you can find taken.

I am wondering what WILL be on the site....  Who knows?


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