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Disclaimer: This band features extremely harsh vocals. If that's not for you, don't follow the links =P

For any you who are fans of metal(and given the soundtrack of Jupiter Hell and the general themes of Doom, I can't be alone here), check out the band Shadow of Intent.

Their lyrics are heavily inspired by the Halo mythos - not quite Doom, but probably the next closest game prominently featuring a lone space marine battling the forces of darkness.

Wow, within about a minute the two reasons why I hardly ever listen to metal present themselves: the "I've swallowed an entire potato and now I can't seem to barf it back up again" vocals and the "Gollum with his balls stuck between the bus doors" vocals. And I don't think the music's exciting enough to see if it ever gets better.

Thanks for sharing though, there's no reason not to. And sorry for being a dick about it, but I tend to be borderline elitist when it comes to music - especially when I'm not even halfway through today's first coffee yet. Be aware that I know it's just my opinion, I just love to defend it.

Yeah, that style is definitely not for everyone - there are lots of genres of metal and that's probably one of the harshest. I can certainly make some other recommendations you might find less appalling if you're interested, but I posted the topic on this one for a couple of reasons, notably because the lyrics can be at least tangentially related to Doom, which is not an extremely common theme.

My primary reason, of course, is to raise awareness of the band among those who might be interested in that genre. I don't generally listen to metal in that style, but something about the instrumentals, the vocal range and talent(whether you necessarily appreciate the style or not) of the vocalist, and the theme of the lyrics appealed to me.

I suppose I could offer a disclaimer up front, however =P

Edit: Also, very amusing(and if I'm being honest, not entirely inaccurate) descriptions of the vocals. "Lol" is probably very overused, but it's quite literal in this case, so thank you for that.

Harsh isn't the problem - unlike letting out a good scream either of these styles sound incredibly fake to me. And what's worse, also unlike said good scream all vocalists who try this style sound exactly the same. It sounds really lifeless to me and I've heard it a million times before. Granted, kudos to their level of skill - I wish I'd even come close to that when I play - but the days of me getting a musical boner for skill alone have been long gone. And if you ask me, it's not really that special. The theme sound pretty ok, but there's little use in that if you can't understand a single word he's coughing up :(

And yeah, 'getting' what any band is about is usually all in the combination of everything. If it fits together, it fits together, and can even get away with something I wouldn't forgive another band for.

And always glad to be of entertainment value :D

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Out of curiosity what do you make of the new Doom soundtrack, LuckyDee? It's purely instrumental, but definitely more heavy than what I usually listen too. lf you havn't heard it, here's a sample I really enjoy -


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