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Assault rifle assembly problems?

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Dr. Granola:
So I was playing Ao100 when I found a minigun, and decided to assemble it into an assault minigun in the hopes of saving on ammo. The wiki led me to believe that it would only consume 2 ammo per volley, but now it fires 6 shots (4 shots + 2 more due to Triggerhappy) and consumes 12 ammo per volley. Is this a bug or did I fail basic reading comprehension?

If memory serves, assault assembly reduces the burst size but doubles ammo consumption for the remainder... so,  working as intended.  Not sure exactly how it's worded... perhaps it could be clearer.

Looks like there's some contradictory information on the Wiki;  it says "consumes 2 per shot" but also "0.5 times original Shots."  I think the second one is true, so 0.5 times the normal 8 shots is 4 and then you add 2 because of Triggerhappy, so firing 6 shots is the correct, expected result.

My guess is the "consumes 2 per shot" is referring to the Ammochain trait;  it was probably written by someone who never plays without Ammochain and they assumed that using 2 per shot was a Universal thing, but it's not.

If shot is used to mean projectile,  then both are true. Half the base projectiles,  twice the ammo consumed for each.

Dr. Granola:
Well, turns out reading is hard.
Thanks for the answers.

While we're here I might as well ask.
Say you find a nuclear plasma rifle, what should you mod it with? My limited experience suggests that you apply as many bulk mod that you can, so that you get more volleys out of it. Any other ideas?
P.S. Non-ammochain runs.


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