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Here's something interesting that I discovered when I did a couple of AoI runs with a technician in an attempt to get the Lava Silver badge.  Mod packs apparently also count as consumables so on AoI, you can't pick up them up and must use them from the ground.  But if you scavenge mod packs from guns, they actually stay in your inventory like in a normal run; I didn't try dropping them, but I assume that you can't pick them up again afterwards.  So you could use mod packs on, say, pistols and then scavenge them out later when you need them.

Despite that though, I actually failed to create any cerberus boots in time for the Lava Pits/Mt. Erebus because the right types of mod packs didn't show up.  I only got Lava Silver because the game pitied me with the Enviroboots just as I was losing hope on the second run.

I noticed this as well on my attempts a few weeks or so back.  Interesting, and rather useful in that one specific case,  but otherwise rather unlikely to come up. I, too,  failed to complete the challenge... Maybe it's time to revisit it since I can't seem to make any headway on the third angelic I now need to promote again...

Sounds like a good way to work around one aspect of AoI; I might just incorporate that strategy into a serious game at some point.  :)

Sounds like Tormuse is going for Eagerness Angelic next XD

Dr. Granola:
I've also noticed that you can't grab the Arena masters staff in the court. So does this mean all items that appear in the Use menu (when U is pressed) are unable to be grabbed?


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