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Mouse Wheel + Juggler = Win


Dr. Granola:
As the title implies.
One of Jugglers effects is instant weapon switching. With a keyboard, this is using the Z key or the numbers 1-0.
With the mouse, you can scroll the wheel to switch to any weapon in your possession. This also works with Juggler, meaning using the number keys or the Z key exclusively puts you at a disadvantage. Unless you're in a hurry, in which the keys are quicker and easier to use.
Did any of you guys figure this out? Any other cool things like this?

Oh wow, I had no idea that the mousewheel combines with Juggler like that!  :o  That's what I get for playing the console version, which doesn't have mouse support.  :P  That sounds like a super useful function that can potentially make Juggler quite powerful!  If that's the case, then I would suggest that some future version of the game should probably allow any weapon-switching to be instantaneous, regardless of which interface you use...  Of course, at this point, I suspect that, unfortunately, no future version pf DRL is ever going to be released anyway for fear of lawsuits.  I get the definite impression that all the focus is on Jupiter Hell, in part, because an original creation is much safer.

As for other cool things...  Well, off the top of my head, an undocumented feature of Dualgunner is that it lets you swap pistols in zero time; it's handy for letting you decide which pistol to reload first if you want to reload them separately, (which is usually a good idea) or if one of them is unique, like the Grammaton Cleric Beretta, which has no dualreload feature.

I seem to recall the... peculiarities of Juggler have been discussed before, don't know whether or not the mouse wheel thing came up back then. *rummages around in the archives* If fact, it did.

Long story short: the game suffers and/or benefits from some unintended side effects, which I assume this is one of. As Tormuse said, it's unlikely that this will change - by way of a new version - any time soon.


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