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I've only played DiabloRL once before, ages ago, (2012, by the looks of it) and never got into it; barely started and just left the saved game there, unfinished.  Well, I decided to give it another try the other day and loaded it up.  My first impression was that it was buggy as hell, right up to the point that it crashed and erased my game, :|  but then I realized that I was playing an old beta and that there are newer, stabler versions out there.  So, I went to the main Chaosforge site and downloaded the latest version and followed the instructions on the site to import the music and sound from the original Diablo.  (I had to do some digging to find my old Diablo CD, but I wanted to test this properly)  :)

Holy crap!  :o  What a difference having the music and sound makes!  O_o  It's way more immersive and interesting than the old beta I had been playing and brought back all kinds of nostalgia for the original Diablo.  :)  And I can see that a lot of work went into DiabloRL making everything look and sound and feel like the original and in some ways improving on it!  (Like the ability to use the look command to look over the whole map, and the simplification of the inventory system, and the Fast Travel system is so helpful, I found myself wishing it was in DRL too...  and maybe in every game ever, now that I think about it)  :P  I can see that a lot of work has gone into making a very polished product and I admit that I was kind of disappointed that the game just ended when I got to Hell.  :(  I'm thinking of playing another game and making a recording of it to help generate more interest in this; maybe we can see the game get finished!  :)

Anyway, I played as a warrior, intending to play to his strengths by building up my strength trait and getting strong weapons and armour, though I still found myself picking up some magic skills along the way too.  I spent most of the game with a "sword of the bear," thinking that the knockback would be good for dealing with mobs of enemies and help keep me fighting one at a time and it was mostly good for small groups, but the biggest struggles came at the beginnings of levels where I frequently found myself surrounded by 10 or 15 enemies (or more?) and the knockback actually made it harder, because any time I knocked someone back, one of his buddies took his place and so I was constantly facing the ones with full hitpoints because all the injured ones were getting knocked away, and that gave them time to heal before facing me again and it was taking a lot longer than it should have to defeat them, so when I switched to a weapon without knockback, it was a big help.  :)

The toughest battle in the game was facing Leoric, the Skeleton King; he would hang back and let his minions fight me and I couldn't even get to him to do any damage because any time I killed one, he would raise it again.  The turning point came when I used a scroll of Stone Curse on him to stop him from raising the dead and I was able to thin out their numbers enough to get up to him, but my sword wasn't strong enough to do much to him, (and it kept knocking him away, since I was still foolishly using that sword of the bear at the time)  :P  so I ended up pounding on him with Holy Bolts and those seemed to work.  :)  Once I got his crown, and the life stealing effects thereof, the game kind of turned into a Vampyre build like that of DRL and I hardly had to use any more healing potions for the rest of the game after that!  :D

All that being said, as much as I enjoyed playing this, I did notice a number of bugs in it so I took notes as I was playing and I was wondering if it's worth reporting them here.  Is anyone doing any work on this game lately?

  DiabloRL v 0.5.0 roguelike postmortem character dump

  Tormuse, level 22 Warrior, reached Hell.
  He scored 418934.79 points, killing 0 hellspawn.

  He advanced to level 22 gaining 1993479 experience.
  He amassed 2350 gold coins.
  He granted eternal rest to the Skeleton King.
  He was patient with Gharbad the Weak.
  He retrieved Ogden's tavern sign.
  He uncovered the Arkaine's Valor.
  He learned the Guardian spell.
  He was a hypohondriac.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Strength   79/69
  Magic      51/41
  Dexterity  54/44
  Vitality   57/44

  Life 176/176  Mana 108/92
  Armor 41  ToHit 77

-- Spells ----------------------------------------------------

  Firebolt level 12
  Holy Bolt level 6
  Healing level 12
  Town Portal level 1
  Flash level 3
  Stone Curse level 1
  Phasing level 1
  Mana Shield level 2
  Fireball level 1
  Guardian level 1
  Teleport level 1

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

  [ Head ] The Undead Crown [8]
  [ Neck ] Serpent's amulet
  [ Body ] Arkaine's Valor [25]
  [ Wpn  ] sword of the Stars (6-15)
  [ Shld ] Blessed large shield of Absorption [7]
  [ RRng ] Gold ring of Radiance
  [ LRng ] Gold ring

-- Quickslots ------------------------------------------------

  [ Slot1 ] potion of full healing
  [ Slot2 ] potion of mana
  [ Slot3 ] potion of full rejuvenation
  [ Slot4 ] scroll of town portal
  [ Slot5 ] potion of rejuvenation
  [ Slot6 ] scroll of phasing
  [ Slot7 ] potion of rejuvenation
  [ Slot8 ] potion of mana

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

  2350 gold coins
  sword of Speed (8-16)
  book of Golem
  broad axe (8-20)
  blade (2-8)
  potion of healing
  potion of mana
  scroll of phasing
  long bow (1-6)
  great helm [13]
  dagger (1-4)

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

  Rotfeast the Hungry
  Skeleton King

  93 * zombie
  16 * skeleton
  64 * corpse axe
  72 * burning dead
  54 * horror
  56 * skeleton captain
  16 * corpse captain
  52 * burning dead captain
  114 * horror captain
  48 * corpse bow
  37 * burning dead archer
  24 * horror archer
  55 * scavenger
  83 * bone gasher
  59 * fallen one
  30 * fallen one
  38 * carver
  54 * devil kin
  90 * devil kin
  57 * dark one
  79 * dark one
  46 * blink
  35 * gloom
  168 * familiar
  30 * stone clan
  39 * flesh clan archer
  64 * night clan archer
  34 * hidden
  43 * stalker
  13 * unseen
  4 * overlord
  64 * mud man
  87 * toad demon
  230 * flayed one
  199 * horned demon
  106 * obsidian lord
  143 * hell stone
  85 * lava lord
  177 * poison spitter
  152 * pit beast

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 You block the blow of the obsidian lord.
 You hit the obsidian lord. The obsidian lord dies. You gain 1266 experience.
 A pile of 63 gold coins is lying here.
 You got 63 gold coins.
 You open the door. Click.
 A pile of 114 gold coins is lying here.
 You got 114 gold coins.
 You open the chest.
 A scroll of phasing is lying here.
 You put the scroll of phasing into your backpack.
 A long bow (1-6) is lying here.
 You put the long bow (1-6) into your backpack.
 You open the door. Click.
 You open the chest.
 A great helm [13] is lying here.
 You put the great helm [13] into your backpack.
 You open the chest.
 A dagger (1-4) is lying here.
 You put the dagger (1-4) into your backpack.
 Congratulations! You have won the Demo version! Press < Enter >...


--- End code ---

I think there's actually still a trac somewhere around for bugs... I'm working on assignments right now, but will get back to you soon.

Forum user 'you' and I are still technically in active development, except that I haven't don't anything for ages, and she hasn't either. I'll have to check what version exists on Sourceforge, since that's where the most up to date code should be.

EDIT: Yeah, I checked up on things and can't find the trac. It's not with the rest of the Chaosforge tracs, so I'll have to bug Kornel or you. I also had forgotten how much extra work Kornel had put into this to get from 0.4.5 to 0.5.0. Sourceforge still has 0.4.5 as the latest build. Might have to get a coding environment going again and work on this again over the holidays.


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