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Malek Deneith:
Recently looking at the forum and actually engaging in some communication with current Inquisitorial staff made me realize that:

a) Since I stopped bothering with setting up an IRC client on latest hardware upgrade, my only means of communicating with those fine people is through this boards... and I visit like once every two months or so

b) ...hey, that reminds me there is a bunch of people still lurking on zombified corpse of what once was the official #Chaosforge IRC channel

So I decided to spend all of five minutes of my precious, precious time and thrown us together a barebone Discord channel. I mean, back when JH kickstarter was going on I breached the topic with Kornel, and he said he planned to do it post-KS... but he hasn't done it to date unless I'm mistaken, and I know such things can move at glacial pace here, so I decided to take initiative :P

So come, join and talk. About Jupiter Hell, older ChaosForge games, and other stuff. Or just lurk. Whatever rocks your collective boats. You're welcome. Unless you're a spambot. Invite link (note - I set having verified email on Discord as requirement for talking, just as a minor precaution at any spambots crawling to the link or something):

PS. For those not in the know Discord is essentially modern-day IRC, only decentralized, new, shiny, and doesn't require a client if you don't want to install one (it can be run in browser).

Good job man. It isn't really my thing, though it might serve to breathe some more life into this scene.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The channel is now official :P

Malek Deneith:
Maybe that'll drag in those slackers who pretend not to have time to hang out :P

Holy crap!  Membership just tripled!  :o  That's the Kornel effect, I guess.  :P


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