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So, I decided I wanted to record a game of DiabloRL to help promote it and maybe get people more interested in it.  (And maybe, maybe prompt the Devteam to finish it?)  ;)  As in my more recent videos, I included my face in the corner of the screen, but I just realized that I forgot to reposition my lamp in the second video, so you can't see my face very well; just a creepy silhouette.  Oh well, maybe it enhances the atmosphere or something.  :P

First four levels.  (The Church)

First two levels of the Catacombs.

Since I just finished a game as a Warrior, I decided to play as a Sorcerer just to get a feel for the other end of the spectrum and really test the magical abilities rather than brute forcing my way through everything.  It makes for a more challenging game and speaks to how well balanced the characters are that I found myself relying quite heavily on my magic to survive, though this meant that I was going through mana potions like crazy.  :|  Trying to whack the enemies with my staff just wasn't effective a majority of the time, especially in the last half of the game, and I was very dependent on my Firebolt spell.  (And later Fireball)

I also found a bug that when you're wielding a weapon that has knockback, it makes all your spells have knockback too!  :o  This could potentially be a useful exploit if you want to choose when your spells have knockback, but for this game, it just caused lots of problems, since I ran into the same issue as in my Warrior game that I was just knocking back the injured enemies so that only the uninjured ones could get to me and the injured ones healed up while I was dealing with the uninjured ones.  This was a big drain on my resources which led to a crisis where I turned to shop-scumming (I don't know if that's a word, but it seems to fit)  :P  where I repeatedly left town and came back until Adria, the magic-dealer had some decent, non-knockback gear.

In the end, I died from trying to be too efficient.  :P  I had just started a new dungeon level and enemies were coming at me from all directions and I really should have used my Mana Shield spell that I had just picked up to protect me, but I wanted to use up some mana before reading the spellbook, since it gives your mana a boost when you read it, so I was continuing to pelt my enemies with Firebolts and I saw a particularly nice opportunity to use a Fireball spell to hit a group of enemies when I should have healed myself.  I just didn't expect that Stalker to get a double move on me right at the end.  :(

  DiabloRL v 0.5.0 roguelike postmortem character dump

  Tormuse, level 13 Sorcerer, killed by a stalker in Catacombs, level 6.
  He scored 102684.96 points, killing 0 hellspawn.

  He advanced to level 13 gaining 168496 experience.
  He amassed 3205 gold coins.
  He purified the town water supply.
  He was patient with Gharbad the Weak.
  He retrieved Ogden's tavern sign.
  He was a hypohondriac.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Strength   20/20
  Magic      56/46
  Dexterity  74/49
  Vitality   30/30

  Life 52/-1  Mana 136/73
  Armor 14  ToHit 87

-- Spells ----------------------------------------------------

  Firebolt level 9
  Holy Bolt level 8
  Healing level 8
  Flash level 3
  Phasing level 3
  Fireball level 2

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

  [ Head ] Azure skull cap of the Mind [2]
  [ Neck ] nothing
  [ Body ] armor of Accuracy [12]
  [ Wpn  ] Deadly composite staff of Firebolt (5-10) {58/58}
  [ Shld ] nothing
  [ RRng ] ring of Skill
  [ LRng ] nothing

-- Quickslots ------------------------------------------------

  [ Slot1 ] potion of mana
  [ Slot2 ] scroll of phasing
  [ Slot3 ] potion of mana
  [ Slot4 ] scroll of healing
  [ Slot5 ] potion of healing
  [ Slot6 ] potion of healing
  [ Slot7 ] scroll of town portal
  [ Slot8 ] scroll of identify

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

  3205 gold coins
  potion of mana
  potion of mana
  potion of mana
  mace (1-8)
  scroll of town portal
  hunter's bow (2-5)
  scimitar (3-7)
  Grand cloak [4]
  dagger of the Sky (1-4)
  short battle bow of Skill (3-7)
  book of Mana Shield

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------


  10 * zombie
  33 * ghoul
  27 * rotting carcass
  12 * black death
  19 * skeleton
  53 * horror
  50 * skeleton captain
  1 * horror captain
  19 * corpse bow
  2 * burning dead archer
  97 * scavenger
  63 * plague eater
  95 * shadow beast
  42 * fallen one
  44 * fallen one
  19 * carver
  18 * carver
  34 * devil kin
  10 * dark one
  129 * dark one
  8 * fiend
  3 * familiar
  39 * flesh clan
  68 * stone clan
  1 * flesh clan archer
  32 * hidden
  3 * stalker
  4 * overlord
  50 * winged demon

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 Tormuse casts Firebolt. You hit the stone clan. The stone clan dies. You gain 480 experience.
 A pile of 28 gold coins is lying here.
 You got 28 gold coins.
 You open the sarcophagus.
 You open the door.
 You open the door.
 You open the book.
 A book of Mana Shield is lying here.
 You put the book of Mana Shield into your backpack.
 You open the door. Click.
 You open the door.
 Tormuse casts Firebolt. You hit the familiar. The familiar dies. You gain 448 experience.
 Tormuse casts Firebolt. You hit the familiar. The familiar dies. You gain 448 experience. The stalker appears. The
 stalker appears.
 Tormuse casts Firebolt. You hit the stalker. The stalker dies. You gain 378 experience. The stalker misses you.
 Tormuse casts Firebolt. You hit the stalker. The stalker dies. You gain 378 experience. The stalker appears. The
 stalker appears.
 Tormuse casts Firebolt. You hit the familiar. The familiar dies. You gain 448 experience. The stalker hits you.
 Tormuse casts Fireball. The horror captain dies. You gain 302 experience. The stalker dies. You gain 378 experience.
 The stalker hits you. The stalker hits you. You die... Press < Enter >...


--- End code ---


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