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Tormuse, you are a beast. Simple as that. Congratulations on pushing the boundaries of the possible yet again!

Speaking of the depths for minibosses, the table at the top of the monster generation page states the basic minimum depth where a monster can appear. Near the bottom of the same page, there is a table that displays adjustments of minimum depth by difficulty levels (unchanged for ITYTD and HNTR, -3 for HMP, -6 for UV and N!). That explains why you met those minibosses earlier, and the difficulty adjustments also explain why on UV+ you meet those bloody hell knights as early as level 3.

I updated the Wiki page to display this information above the basic table instead below it.

Thanks, everyone!  :D

--- Quote from: Ridonk on November 14, 2017, 11:09 ---Does not compute - head still exploding from your last run...

--- End quote ---

Pull yourself together, man!  :P

--- Quote from: Ridonk on November 14, 2017, 11:09 ---Extremely impressive, especially imagining all those UV starting positions from level 50+, which any one of could get you killed easily if unlucky.

--- End quote ---

It's not as bad as you might think, once you've got all the level-ups and equipment; all the SoB, EE, and Fin combined with a Hyperblaster or (in this case) Nuclear Plasma Rifle means you can melt anything that starts next to you at the start of the level, or if you're surrounded, melt the ones that are the most isolated and take advantage of HR and DM to get away from the others.  (Int 2 helps you know where concentrations of enemies are lightest)  Sometimes, I would also use the Tac Shotty to knock groups back (or large individuals) or the Tac Rocket Launcher to disperse large groups.  Juggler trait is a massive help to instantly switch to whatever weapon is most appropriate at the moment.  And in a pinch, the Technician's ability to insta-use phase devices can get you out of a tight spot with considerably less danger than other classes.  (Or Hell Staff, as applicable in this case)

EDIT:  Of course, there were still plenty of harrowing circumstances, like this Nightmare Arachnotron cave that luckily had an invulnerability nearby.  (Survived by virtue of Nyarlaptotep boots, Energy Shield, and a healing globe from the previous level)

Spoiler: Screenshot (click to show/hide)------------------------------ Past messages viewer -------------------- 100% --
   ^                                                                        ^   
 There is rocket (x4) lying here.                                               
 You wear/wield : a 10mm ammo chain (x250)                                     
 There is 10mm ammo (x82) lying here.                                           
 There is a Small Health Globe lying here.                                     
 You feel better.                                                               
 You start running!                                                             
 There are stairs leading downward here.                                       
 You enter Hell, level 43. Twisted passages carry the smell of death...         
 You start running!                                                             
 Argh!!! Lava!                                                                 
 Boom! You are hit! Boom! Boom! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit! Boom!   
 Boom! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit!                                   
 You dodge! Boom! You dodge! Boom! You dodge! Boom! You dodge! Boom! You       
 dodge! Boom! You dodge! Boom! You dodge! Boom! You dodge! Boom! Boom! You     
 dodge! Boom! Boom! You dodge! Boom! There is a Invulnerability Globe lying     
 You feel invincible! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit! You   
 are hit! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit! You are hit! You 
 are hit! You are hit!                                                         
--------------[ Use arrows, PgUp, PgDown to scroll, Escape or Enter to exit ]---

--- Quote from: Sereg on November 14, 2017, 11:29 ---Amazing run... you never cease to impress. I'd be really impressed, though, if someone managed to get UAC, Speedrunner, and Demonic Angelic all in the same game...

--- End quote ---

Naw, the *real* challenge is to complete a N! Conqueror game with 100% kills, full win, under 4 minutes, all damageless, using only your fists to get UAC, Veteran, Strongman, Speedrunner, Elite, and Demonic Angelic badges at the same time.  The theoretical highest number of possible Angelic badges to get in one game.  :)

--- Quote from: ZicherCZ on November 15, 2017, 00:10 ---...I updated the Wiki page to display this information above the basic table instead below it.

--- End quote ---

Ah, interesting stuff!  There was a time that I avoided spoilers like in the wiki, but now that the source code is freely available, I'm finding that there's all kinds of enlightening things about this game that I never knew.  (Like the above AoHu "exploit")  :)

another very impressive run, congrats!

for the theoretical perfect 6x angelic run, has anyone tried writing bots for doomrl? i know bots have ascended in nethack - it would certainly make speedrunner way easier if a computer is doing the thinking

Interesting question...  I honestly don't know, but I have to imagine that it would be difficult to program a bot to do all the corner-shooting and radar-shooting that would be necessary to play damageless.  Can a bot be designed to respond to in-game audio?  Because a lot of damage avoidance comes from listening to pain sounds from unseen monsters.  (And does anyone really know how to play optimally?  I can't really say I do)  :P

Maybe we could get the bot-writer in touch with 2Dev, since (I suspect) he has an altered version of the game in which the player is always invulnerable.  (That's my theory, anyway; it would explain a lot)  That would certainly make the bot-writing easier!  :D

EDIT:  My thread is stickied again?  Who's doing this?  :)

I would think it would be possible - in theory if you have a bot playing a game, it's reading the game's output, not actually seeing the screen, so I don't see any problems with it being able to react to audio output any more then visual output.

I've thought about creating a DRL bot similar to the Angband borg, but unfortunately I wouldn't know where to begin... someone with a background in AI development would probably be your best bet for something like this.


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