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This is a post in good fun and defiantly not complete but here are some random quotes from Kornels development stream.

"I need to think about this" *seconds later* "What the fuck am I doing" ~Kornel  2:27 PM 9/20/2017

"It was suppose to be easy, it was suppose to be a 15 minute job. Where did I go wrong?" ~kornel 1:18 PM 9/27/2017

https://clips.twitch.tv/BenevolentFlaccidTardigradeKeepo 2:23 PM 10/4/2017 <Clearly shocked things worked

"My bitchrate is set to be constant and good" Misheard Kornel being honest with his cursing 2:20 PM 10/18/2017

"These crates are completely bonkers" ~Kornel 12:14 PM 11/8/2017

"Something is wrong it's working!" ~Kornel1:19 PM 11/8/2017

"You can never die enough" ~Kornel 1:59 PM 12/27/2017

This is awesome. I will have to check out this stream...

Great initiative, if you ask me :)

Maybe we could even bump this thread to General Discussion and have some more people enjoy this... It doesn't appear to contain anything that isn't publicly available already.

@KK: agreed?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Of course :P

Excelsior. Enjoy!


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