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Progressing on UV Arch Ao Lt. How do I improve?

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After getting HMP ArchAoLT with relative ease I am trying to do the same on UV.

For sacrificed 20 slots you gain a whopping 30% speed which makes very early game even easier, than standard game.

I have 2 ideas to try.

One is melee build with vampire.  Use shotgun in early game while leveling. In lategame your vampiricism will sustain you.

Another idea is to get to Armoury somehow, find nano mod and eventually build a nanomanufacture/nanoshrapnel weapon.

In both cases I want WizKid on non technician.

I can clear up to chained court fairly well with my build. It is levels 6-7 that I struggle with. The number of sergeants drops limiting your ammo supply, the number of armoured enemies requiring multiple shots to kill even at point blank raises. And at that point I am still not strong to rely on melee, especially if level is full of open spaces.

My build so far is Fin->Bad->Bru->Bru->Ber->MVamp in preparation for melee lategame and Wz

What should I do to improve? Is WizKid a good skill to pursue?

Omega Tyrant:
There's really no reason you should be taking Badass before Brute/Berserker, getting to hold onto an extra 50% heath benefits you little at this point and you don't need knockback reduction, while it's imperative you get as strong as you can in melee ASAP. Taking Finesse instead of Brute 3 can be acceptable, though you might want to change to taking Brute 3 instead of getting Finesse and WK as explained below.

Normally WK is a great investment as long as you know how to mod properly. However with 2 inventory slots, building Advanced/Master assemblies becomes a lot more difficult. Your plan to build a Nano weapon already relies on getting lucky enough to get a nano mod, but then you also won't be able to carry the needed mods to the level, then you'll have to hope upon finding the needed mods afterward. Additionally if you're not going for the Lightfoot Diamond/Angelic badges that require no melee kills, then there's really no reason to go for a Nano weapon as a melee build, the Chainsaw is more than enough, and then you have the guaranteed Spear/Scythe in Hell, you can easily rely solely on Melee past the Court with Vampyre. Additionally, if you get a Nano mod, you should probably make a Power Red Armor instead, so you get a great piece of armor and won't need to worry about running around with damaged/no armor as you can't carry backups.

So for this, I would recommend against going for WK and a Nano weapon, while getting a third level of Brute instead of Finesse on your way to Vampyre.

I agree with Omega on the WK part. Apart from Ao100/AAo666 runs, I don't think I've ever combined MVm with WK - with the Spear (or Scythe) to count on, you hardly need any more punch, and even the chainsaw should serve you nicely.

Fin is a solid investment to me, since attack time can make a lot of difference for your DPS, with SoB being out of the question. TAN should allow you a little damage control, as you definitely don't want to take any levels in IRO (which decreases your chances of going berserk). And with HR being prohibited as well, you'll swiftly find yourself running out of sensible options anyway.

i always build to WK after vampyre in my melee runs - usually do something like

bru -> bru -> ber -> tan -> bad -> mvmp -> tan -> fin -> fin -> wk -> wk  -> whatever

AOP red armor, especially with two levels of TAN, really helps in the later levels, and considering shamblers are total pushovers with a vampyre build you get a pretty good chance of getting an onyx pack right after your guaranteed red armor from the anomaly

i usually do the piercing chainsaw as it can be assembled without WK, and is more than enough power to cut through pretty much anything before hell and even most of it, usually i only swap out to the spear/scythe if surrounded by a lot of big monsters i need to take down quickly as possible

Omega Tyrant:
WK can be worthwhile on Vampyre; besides farther modded armor/boots, I think the Ripper is superior to the Spear/Scythe for Vampyre, as besides better DPS, you can potentially be killing every two enemies for each one, thus clearing out hordes and taking less damage/healing faster, and you'll activate Berserker faster/easier. Though with only two inventory slots, it becomes less practical to make.

Fin is definitely the goto trait after Vampyre, though if WK isn't being picked up, I think taking the third level of Brute before Vampyre would be better than Fin.


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