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Proposal: a cornershooting paragraph in "Getting started"


On Discord, Malek suggested that corner-shooting is a vital but not obvious tactic and should be described in "Getting started".

I'm drafting a pull request. I'd love to have a text for it from someone with a writer's bone. For now, here's what I'm thinking of:

--- Quote ---Are you a fan of running head-on into an enemy that shoots at you?
No? Smart recruit. There's a great tactic for you: shooting from behind
the corner. This way, you can see the enemies (and shoot them!), but
they cannot see (and shoot!) you.

On this map, you can shoot the cross location, even if you cannot see it:

--- End quote ---

Do you think it's a good idea?

Just write it... and if it's on the Wiki and someone disagrees, amendments can be made.

The important thing is to get something on first to bootstrap discussion.  That was something Game_Hunter did back in the day for quite a few things before he went on to do other things.

OK, I'll just do it.
wiki can take years or forever to crystallize, so let's start with something.


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