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Well, after my last long break I'm back playing this again. Been working on knocking out some badges (finally reached Warrant Officer rank after completing AoMC, AoSH, and AoPc. Not even ashamed that I save scummed AoPc, after the third time something like THIS happened

I was able to get past that eventually by baiting a former into blowing the barrel for me but damn that's annoying)

Currently back on my MSs runs on, trying to get a standard win with 100% kills on HMP and Conqueror for more completionist reasons. Unfortunately, still having trouble getting a pistol run off the ground. Specifically right now having trouble with Chained Court+, Phobos Anomaly and Phobos Labs, if someone has advice for those.

Chained Court+ on HMP, I'm having trouble with the huge number of shotgun toting formers surrounding the Arena Master. Arena Master himself isn't really a problem, but getting shoved around by all those shotguns makes it hard to get in close with the Chainsaw while Berserked. I'm getting knockbacked like 2+ spaces in multiple directions most of the fight. I can usually succeed anyway by popping a med pack, but a few times I've had Berserk flat out run out before I can even reach the Arena Master.

For Phobos Labs, the first part of the ambush near the end is extremely lethal. After I flip the last switch, the former sergents who show up always shove me back into the acid 100% of the time right after the Envirosuit randomly cancels for some reason. The only way I've found to beat it is to pop the second Envirosuit and just stand my ground. If I happen to have a combat shotty (or through extreme luck a tac shotty) its child's play, but with either a regular shotgun or using Pistols a drawn out fight near that acid pool just chews me up. I've tried running for cover, I've tried sniping the sergents... Can't find a relatively safe strat.

For Anomaly, I'm having trouble in the initial room ambush. Never fail to get surrounded by Lost Souls/pinkies even if I try to run for cover. Even with a combat shotgun I can't seem to clear ground fast enough to stop from getting hit. This is true for all runs, not just MSs. I'd like to get the badge for clearing Anomaly without damage but I just can't see how. Ironically, I can clear Babel pretty much 100% of the time damageless now (when I can actually GET that far in a run, which is rare).

Other things since last time I played:

Complete newfound respect for movespeed boosts and Hell Runner since playing AoPc. Holy shit, despite being frustrating that was pretty fun. When I finally won it I had Nylap. boots and Necroarmor, and I just zipped right on by most things. Straight up outrunning Cybie was hilarious

Tried to do a speedrun under 25 minutes on my AoMc run. Cateye scout was interesting, I can definitely see the appeal. Not sure how I feel about speedruns tbh, just staircase diving feels kinda boring. Despite going as fast as I could, I was 18 seconds off my 25 minute time :/

Did Hell Arena on UV for the badge. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected. Seems like UV mostly has a much higher enemy count per floor rather than much harder enemies on each floor, which I kinda like. Probably gonna see if I can manage MSs runs on UV now because the XP gain is much better and MSs REALLY needs XP to get off the ground.

Also, I feel like UV Chained Court+ is actually EASIER than HMP's. A ton of formers with chain guns instead of formers with shotguns means I take a bit more damage running up to the Arena Master, BUT AT LEAST I CAN GET TO HIM lol. As long as I can clear them before Berserk wears off its not too bad.

Are you aware that you can move diagonally?

I'd given up hope on ever getting a reply here lol. Place seems dead.

... Yes... I feel stupid now lol.

In the middle of a HMP MSs run. Trying to get a 100% kill rate HMP run in for the badge. This is the first time I've actually gotten MSs recently so that's nice.

Found a Firestorm pack in Hells Armory. Is it with turning a regular pistol into a Demolition Ammo assembly? Math tells me it'd just be 4d2 instead of 2d4 which is effectively nil to MSs. Might be better with a combat pistol but not sure if that would be better than just slapping 3 Power mods and 2 bulk mods on it instead

Might should post that in the quick question thread actually.

It's the quiet before the alpha storm.

I think you are correct that demolition ammo with MSs is useless other then for corpse disposal,  but to be fair I don't play much with pistols.


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