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Crash! D:


I was playing BerserkRL, doing fairly well, Night 10 with decent equipment, and the game suddenly crashed.  :(  It displayed the text of the error message right on the game screen and I copy/pasted it from there, so there's a bit of in-game text mixed in with the error message, but I'm sure you can figure it out.  :)  (I also made a copy of the log.txt file too just in case)

--- Code: ---EAccessViolation : Access violation.b./..........  The bulldemon charges!
  $0042978D  TBEING__GETNAME,  line 1076 of brbeing.pasbulldemon hits you!
  $0042A198  TLEVELGENERATOR__TICK,  line 157 of brlevgen.pas howl!
  $00417DBF  TLEVEL__TICK,  line 223 of brlevel.pasYou hear a howl!
  $0040E2D6  TBERSERK__RUN,  line 166 of brmain.pasYou miss the beast.
  $0040160C  main,  line 44 of berserk.pas....     You evade.
Abnormal program termination! Please write down the above
to help get rid Berserk! of all those bugs! You only need
to write down the filenames and linenumbers.

--- End code ---

EDIT:  Oh, interesting!  When I started up the game again, it had a saved game on Night 11.  (the following night)  I skipped the demon fight!  I should invoke this crash more often!  :D


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