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[N!] AoSh 92% [YAVP] First Nightmare victory ever.

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--- Quote from: gvekony on July 17, 2018, 23:37 ---Oh it is my bad, I guess I was too tired yesterday. Somehow I messed up the abyssal plains line with the wall-containment mortem message. :D
On level 12 he romped upon the Abyssal Plains.
He barely escaped the trap set for him.

--- End code ---
Yeah, I know I should play more DoomRL. :D
The corpse management stuff was usually too tedious for me, I think thats why I sticked with UV. But doing that properly for 24 levels requires skill and patience, so that makes this effort worthy!

--- End quote ---

All good. And yes of course you should play more DRL

--- Quote from: Tormuse on July 19, 2018, 16:34 ---Nice win!  :D  I just realized from your other post that you're going from your first N! win to trying to win N! ArchAoHu.  That's quite an ambitious leap; I hope you know what you're getting into!  :o

As for the run, the nice thing about Army of the Dead trait is it helps you save ammo, especially if you combine it with SoB, which makes it extra devastating, so that probably helped you save ammo a bit while using the Jackhammer.  That being said, it looks like it would have done you some good to hang around some sergeants and let them revive a few times to replenish your shells.  (Very impressive med pack collection, though)

And yeah, N! is a very different kind of game.  It makes UV feel relaxing in comparison.  :)

--- End quote ---

Thank you!

Yes I may be a little way off completing ArchAoHu, but I think with a little (or more likely all) luck on my side it is doable. I have found that all the berserks you get on the Chained Court are what has to carry you through the Hellgate. I can't get past the bruiser brothers without being berserk. Little things you can only learn by playing that challenge a lot. Cant get beyond halfway through the second episode, but persevering. And enjoying the process of playing, not just doing it for the sake of getting the medal.

Really appreciated watching your ArchAoHu run. I learned a lot. The biggest thing I learned was how consistently patiently you move. I am patient in combat, but then I think an area is clear, or I am safe to cross a room quickly, and a sergeant steps into a doorway, and I get my head blown off before I can react. Gotta be disciplined with every move, not just when I am in combat.

And yes UV used to feel hard to me. Now I almost can't believe how easy and relaxing it is.

After spending a week playing ArchAoHu, even regular nightmare seems easy. Well not easy, more... really hard as opposed to insanely hard.


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