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do when you're not playing DoomRL? These sparse moments between games, how do you fill them?

I myself am a PHP coder amongst other things, doing freelance stuff at the moment. I also volunteer at the Guinea Pig Foundation, a dutch organization for the protection of and informing the public about guinea pigs :)

Ultimate Carl:
At the moment, I'm working on a World of Darkness campaign (role playing game by White Wolf) and playing a lot of Resident Evil 4 (PS2 version).  i'm still playing quite a bit of DoomRL, checking the forums, and even updating the Wiki, though.  Can't wait for 0.9.9!

I usually start posting on several other forums, IRC and play various games on pc and otherwise.

     PS: Is World of Darkness free?

Ultimate Carl:
Quoting: jimmyjPS: Is World of Darkness free?

Nope, sorry. If you wanna check it out, the site is .

Great system once you get into it.  I prefer it much over D&D and other d20 games.

World of Darkness is all, but "free"... There are 7 P&P-Role Playing Games in that WoD, each coming along with a... mmh... I don't know the English words "Grundbuch" :D Main/Rule Book...? *g* And lots of Source Books - I think I paid for my WoD-Library hundreds of Euros... ;o)

Back to topic:
In my free time between playing DoomRL I study maths and, I think in English it would be IT (Informatik), I work in a (very small) software-company or go to discos (EBM, Industrial, NeoFolk, Gothic, ...).

I have very little time for DoomRL ;o)

PS: Correct my English if necessary (hihi), because I should learn a better English, I think :D


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