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Why does everyone get their shorts in a bunch about elites? Perhaps I am just amazingly lucky, but after I get Expert Sidearms, they go down in 4-6 shots with even the weaker M3A4. Hunters, while we're at it, take 2. Medkits are easy enough to find that everything else does negligible damage, even IF they manage to close. After getting to Expert, the only reason I ever bring out a primary/heavy weapon is if I am lazy or surrounded. Sometimes it is just fun to smartgun (relatively) helpless juveniles. :)

Elites are fast, but if I stay out of the dark towers, they only get one hit on me at most, IF they're lucky.

So what's the deal?

Sometimes an encounter with one is unavoidable, because they have some fairly decent armour (See also: Damage Reduction) they are extremely dangerous in numbers.

Usually a Krak grenade (From WH40K) is sufficient defense against one or two of them, but when you start to run out of grenades and ammo...


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