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Regarding custom sounds for elite formers


Hello guys, newcomer here :D

I'm currently doing a project where I replace the stock Doom sounds used in DoomRL with custom ones from various Doom mods.  I have a "sound assignments" list that lists all the existing connections between each action (weapon fire, reloading, monster sounds, etc.) and its corresponding .wav file.  It also has credits to the author I extracted his or her resource from.  I don't have a video to showcase this, but I have attached my sound assignments text file for you all to see.

Now that I explained what's going on, I'll get to the core of my post.  When I was going through the soundhq.lua config, I couldn't find a place to assign sounds to the elite former humans (trooper, sergeant, and captain).  What do I write into the config for the elite zombies to play my custom sounds?

Thank you for your help, guys!

I asked a sort of similar question last year, and this was the answer:,3999.msg68001.html#msg68001

Note that nightmare monsters (and also the arena master and agony elemental) making no sounds whatsoever may be intentional so giving them sounds might be considered cheating.  The elite formers are fair game, though.


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