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03 APR 2020 - Demo
   Study time now scales from 10-30 minutes of game time depending on knowledge of the language the studied grimoire is written in. Experience has been replaced by score, which can be increased through kills and additional levels of completion.

I now consider Viridian Abyss to be complete from a gameplay perspective, although there's still a lot of polishing to do. I've posted the following update to the original post:

As of 03 APR 2019, I have iterated from Alpha to Demo. At this point, I had planned to move into a Beta, but due to other projects, I am indefinitely suspending active development on Viridian Abyss. I will, however, continue to support it with balance updates and bugfixes based on player feedback.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with testing the Alpha, especially Tormuse and mihey1993, my most prolific players. Your feedback was essential to getting the game to its current state - I greatly appreciate your participation, and I welcome continued feedback on balance issues and bugs - there are definitely a lot of these still out there, which I'd love to get cleaned up.

I'll also probably bring my other projects here in the future, but that may be a long way out - I intend to spend much more time on design and quality assurance so I can avoid the massive amount of bugs I experienced with Viridian Abyss, and keep the code cleaner and more conducive to continued development.

Am glad to be credited for something. However, since youmove away from viridian, may we know where to see whatever project you going for now?

The new project will also appear here once I have something ready for public testing.

I'm currently not much past the planning phase on the actual game - I do have a superior console program to the one Viridian Abyss was using, but that's as far as I've gone with actually coding anything. I have lots of ideas for the new game, as I did with VA, but it took me quite a while to realize them there, and that was with rather poor design and rushed coding, leaving me loads of technical debt which contributed heavily to my decision to halt the project.

I will also be busier than usual with real world commitments for the forseeable future, so I expect progress will be slow, and a release-ready version may be a long way out. However, I'm now confident that I am capable of putting together a decent, somewhat enjoyable game, and I fully intend to keep doing so, improving on my previous work as much as possible.

I'm grateful to you and the rest of the alpha testers for allowing me to do so, and I hope to have your feedback on the next one as well, so I'll definitely keep you informed - if you'd like, I'd be happy to send you a private message or e-mail when that time comes.


--- Quote from: Sereg on April 24, 2019, 21:29 ---The new project will also appear here once I have something ready for public testing.

--- End quote ---

Unless otherwise vetoed, I'd suggest starting a new thread.  If you want to update VA here and if the thread is locked, feel free to contact one of us via PM to unlock it.


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