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Steam Link Hardware and Other Streaming Device Bug?


Bug Severity:  C Grade, hardware compatibility

Frequency:  100%

Description:  Using the Steam Link hardware wireless/wired streaming device, and streaming to a 55' HD TV, when the user launches Jupiter Hell, the screen remains unchanged and the game's title screen music plays.

Note:  This bug was only verified on Steam Link Hardware and not on any others, such as nVidia Shield as one example.

Additional Note:  It is recommended, as most gamers are aging, and their eye sight requiring larger screen to see text and gameplay, that this issue be addressed.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Unfortunately I don't have access to Steam Link, nor do not know anybody who does, so I cannot reproduce.

OTOH, we will be completely changing the rendering backend next major version, so maybe it will work then!

Roland LaGoy:
Ok, hey! I own a Steam Link and just tested Jupiter Hell on it going from a desktop pc to the Steam Link (wired) to a (45'' HD) television. Annnnd yeah, the main menu is frozen on the television :/ , but the game is running fine on the host PC. Hopefully, as brought up, the next major version will resolve said issue. *fingers crossed* :)


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