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Are there any angelic badges that haven't been won yet?

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I'm definitely not on the level of pursuing angelic badges yet, but I am curious about them. Are there any badges that nobody has claimed yet? And for that matter, what's the most that any one person has?

(The only one that stands out to me as being likely to be unclaimed is the speedrun badge, but I say that not having tried any).

To my knowledge, Tormuse has the highest verified angelic badge count with 9.

I know of no confirmed speed run or pacifism badges, and the damageless ones are also unclaimed(well, certain players have claimed to have earned them,  but there are either no mortems presented, or edited mortems which cast serious doubt on the achievement).  Check Tormuse's mortem history... it's a good bet that if he doesn't have it, no one does.  It's also worth noting that he's recorded video of many his achievements, so the standard of proof of legitimacy is quite high.

Yeah, you can see some videos of me getting Angelic badges on my Youtube channel.  (Link in my sig)  :)

2DeviationsOut claimed to be able to play damageless consistently, but there was also evidence of cheating on his part, so I'm skeptical of his claims.  VANDAM claimed to have achieved all Angelic badges except Centurial within three months of Angelic badges being a thing, but he didn't post a single mortem, so I'm highly skeptical of that claim too.  The other contender was Papilio, who also posted an iffy mortem at one point, but later made videos to show his ability and he has 7 Angelic badges.

(Incidentally, I hate casting doubts on the truthfulness of people like this; I'd much rather celebrate everyone's victories, but unfortunately, I can't deny that some people's claims are highly questionable)

Brickman, you say that you aren't on the level of pursuing Angelics, but with your recent Diamond badge, you might want to reconsider that.  I would say that Shottyman Angelic, at least, is definitely within your reach.

I'll have the most pretty soon Tormuse! I just got made homeless, jobless, live in a solar-powered van, and have doomrl as my companion while I travel the country dancing!

I look forward to those mortems... good luck in your endeavors, both digital and otherwise.


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