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Are there any angelic badges that haven't been won yet?

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--- Quote from: Sylph on April 03, 2019, 13:44 ---I'll have the most pretty soon Tormuse! I just got made homeless, jobless, live in a solar-powered van, and have doomrl as my companion while I travel the country dancing!

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Oh, wow!  Sounds like you've had some significant life changes lately!  :o  (I mean...  unless you've been traveling the country all along and I just didn't know)  :P  Well, I hope you're doing all right and having fun anyway.  :)  (And if your van happens to pass Toronto, give me a call)  :)

And it looks like you're one Angelic away from catching up to me?  :o  That might be the incentive I need to pick up this game again and see if I can pull ahead!  :D  (And yes, I'd love to see those mortems too)  :)

Noooo, I only have 2 angelics. Well, I think I managed 4, but never updated my sig. I'm currently battering out a new savefile.

Oh, derp, for some reason, I read your sig as 8 Angelics instead of 8 Diamonds.  :P  I blame sleep deprivation.  I just got a new job that keeps me very busy.  :)

WAYY off-topic:
I've loved the ideas of travelling, dancing, and modelling for most of my life, but only did the photoshoots part, and that only as a side-hobby. I don't think I'm anything like talented or appealing enough to make a career out of dance or modelling, but I've saved a lot of money and renting my house out while living in a van kinda gives me the disposeable income to stay afloat doing things I enjoy.
For the last 3 months I've been building a campervan out of a cheap work van that i bought (so that it looks like a 'normal' van when parked on the street, and I'm less likely to get asked to move along!) I've finally reached a point where it's something I would consider 'live-able', so I guess freedom begins. I'll be unlikely to visit you in it though - I live in the UK.


--- Quote from: Sylph on April 07, 2019, 20:31 ---WAYY off-topic

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Yeah, I see it but it's fine considering that the forums are rather quiet.  Great to hear that you're still around!  =)


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