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Charch's Null Pointer, is it ever worth using?


Recently Charch's Null Pointer has shown up quite a bit for me.

After many experiments I can tell that it's effect is to mess with the game's calculation of turn order delaying the target's next turn but it never seems to give enough time to even swap to another weapon and shoot more than once. Perhaps if I ever decide to waste traits on juggler it might give me the chance to perm-stun a single target while shooting it with a real weapon but the pointer only holds 6 shots, is this thing ever worth the effort?

Short answer:  No.

Longer answer:  None of the uniques are particularly balanced; a few of them are super useful beyond belief, (like Malek's Armor or Dragonslayer) but a majority of them I just throw away immediately.  (There are no circumstances I would use Mjollnir or the Frag Shotgun, for instance)  It kind of feels like, in the latest version of DRL, the devteam just threw a random bunch of special items into the game without giving it a lot of thought.

I understand the theory behind how Charch's Null Pointer works, but every time I've tried putting it in practice, it's just a waste of cells.  A regular plasma rifle would be a better use of the ammo.

Treat it as an oddly shaped stack of 60 cells and move on, fair enough.


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