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JH 0.7.2a from Itch fails to launch


Attached is the crash report that was generated when I tried to launch the new version of JH.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
First of all there's a 0.7.2b version, but I forgot to push it to itch. It should be live now!

I'll need some more info - your GPU model, and whether the OpenGL fallback version works. I have no idea how to do it nicely on itch (on steam it presents and option) so you'll have to manually launch the game with --gl parameter (note the double dash).

P.S. is it your post on Steam? So I don't have to try to solve two issues at once :P

Hey thanks for the reply! Getting version .2b2 worked just fine and everything is running perfectly now! In case you still were interested, I'm running Intel integrated graphics because the GPU on my laptop died haha and I'm not sure, but I was just running the default exe, so maybe it was Vulcan? whichever it defaults too. Like I said, though, all is well now! Thanks again!


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