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Scavenger crash


Thank you for making this game; I have been having a lot of fun playing it.

I got the scavenger trait, but I wanted to pick up some 7.62 ammo. I didn't have any 7.62 weapons, so I dropped my 9mm auto-rifle. When I tried to pick the ammo up, the game crashed. Attached is the crash report.

I was in superhot mode, if that matters.

It's a LUA error on the scavenger function, it tried to check which weapon you had in hand, but it was empty so it crashed.

--- Code: ---00:23:45.57 [CRITICAL] lua::function_base::call : call failed - [string "__func = function ( self, user, item )..."]:12: attempt to index local 'weapon' (a nil value)

--- End code ---


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