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I'm getting some ideas, and not all of them are horrible (I think). I feel the need to share and believe this could actually be productive, so let me start this thread.
Let's start:

* Scavenger can disassemble (Shift-G) a 50+% armor into a repair kit.

Do you guys have assemblies in this game like in DoomRL? If not, that might be something worth looking into.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Repair kits will morph into multitools, and there will be more ways to get them. As far as assemblies go, instead well add modular weapons in a later update, that will fit that role !

Trying the game again (0.85), I feel the current 3-weapons-restriction and mods don't fit very well together.
I wanted to propose A mods could be used for crafting a scope, or B mods for a clip extender, which one could remove from a weapon when abandoning it.
Is it what you mean by "modular ?  That'd be sweet.

I love the necessity to trash things, especially if it depends on things like ammo drops forcing you to deal with what you get, instead of what you'd want.
But if one trashes his weapons every other levels, mods would become utterly useless.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Modular weapon system is completely unrelated to mods. It's basically having every weapon in the game made of separate components (barrel, receiver, body, stock, etc) and each of them contributing to stats so you can mix and match. We don't want to implement that system until you'll be able to visually preview those items in inventory, and that requires some engine work, which is currently further down (right now we're extending animation capabilities and VFX to implement master traits).

The ability to strip weapons of mods (destructive) will be added in some shape or form, maybe next update.


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