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Can we hope for some form of dualgunning x3

Ok, so it's a full "design" mode", like in Master of Orion, Warzone 2100, etc.
I wonder how this would work (considering "mods" & unique stuff), but will just keep confident you'll come-up with something relevant.
(What I'd imagine is similar to the stuffing screen of a RPG, with green/red "+2dmg -1 max range" numbers if you replace that barrel)

Anyway, the most important here to me is that we don't always end-up with the same thing (Tac boots : never again !).
I'm sure all it needs is time and chaos-forging iterations, so I'll just wait & see.

@Mihey if you speak of character traits, I'd bet we can :)

is it possible to introduce quick rebinding weapon slots? for example if i like to play with a chaingun on 1, rocket on 2 and shotgun on 3, could you do that through a key command vs dropping and repicking up everything?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Done. Will be available next release.

great, thanks!


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