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Kornel Kisielewicz:
SHIFT-G *is* documented in the keybindings : "  SHIFT      - (hold) show/compare/use item on floor (G to use)". It's also documented in the tutorial.

Ctrl-mousewheel wont appear in any help file as it's not just undocumented, but also unsupported. Any bugs that happen there are not going to be fixed, hence we will not support/document it anywhere (unless we decide to promote it to a feature). It might break any time!

--gl is only a compatibility hack - we don't want people using that unless their card really doesn't support Vulkan - in most cases people didn't update their drivers and that's what they should do. For the small minority with GL4.3 compatible cards that are not Vulkan compatible we'll have an automatic detection soon, and the game will automatically fallback to Vulkan. No reason to document something that will any moment be removed.

As for the message log, as mentioned before, a single turn if in the middle of the enemies could take up a whole screen of space, and with the current font be very unreadable. We'd rather have people report that some actions are non-obvious and fix the need for a message log, then provide a very shitty "band-aid" solution. We know there's a lot of work to do here, but patching it with a sub-par solution is not something that is reasonable to do.

That said, we probably will need some kind of it for the ASCII version, but I'd rather rethink it to have a better solution than a wall of text - so this is definitely an open topic!


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