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Author Topic: [0.8.8|U|Ma|AoMr|13|YAAM] Gunslinger almost too easy...  (Read 794 times)


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[0.8.8|U|Ma|AoMr|13|YAAM] Gunslinger almost too easy...
« on: February 05, 2020, 13:20 »

AoMr UV win, on a second attempt! This is in 0.8.8b with Frenzy bug fixed (Is it? I really forgot to pay attention).
Yes I agree with khiijol who posted a AoMr win earlier that if feels almost too easy.

I mentioned earlier that Gunslinger and Headshot are comparable. Now I am convinced that Gunslinger is stronger. Headshot has higher damage (because of using the best gun available) and less ammo hungry (a big deal for .44 which is the best conventional pistol for most of the game). But it has a shorter range, and a cooldown time. The last point is the biggest downside of Headshot relative to Gunslinger. With Gunslinger and fully modded .44 revolver+ plasma pistol, CRI bots and armored ravagers go down in one shot on crit. No cooldown means multiple enemies can die in a very short time.

By the end of the run I had an ADV .44 revolver and a plasma pistol, both with Auto-loaders. And CRI damage amp +30%.

Marine does not have Scavenger. So, to save precious .44, the third slot was filled with an ADV 9mm pistol that I used instead of .44 revolver when dealing with lower-tier enemies.

Summoner fight was the easiest I ever got. Because archreavers were guaranteed to die to one dual shot, and because of auto-loaders on both weapons, I was easily taking out reavers as they appear, and did substantial damage to Summoner as well. Summoner never had a chance to get close. I had two CRI phase devices on the ready but never used.

Andizee, level 13 Marine, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 12431 turns.
The run time was 2h 15m 9s.
He scored 6163 points.
He was an Angel of Marksmanship!

CALLISTO L2 -> Valhalla Terminal L1
Valhalla Terminal L3 -> Valhalla Command
Valhalla Command - cleared
EUROPA L2 -> Europa Dig Zone L1
IO L3 -> CRI Laboratory L1
CRI Laboratory L2 -> CRI Armory
CRI Armory - cleared
BEYOND L1 -> The Arena
The Arena - cleared

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Marksman Bronze Badge
   * Reach Io on Angel of Marksmanship
  Marksman Silver Badge
   * Complete Angel of Marksmanship (AoMr)
  Marksman Gold Badge
   * Complete AoMr on Hard

He killed 484 out of 484 enemies.

  9 former commandos
  1 former CRI soldier
  25 fiends
  2 corrupted sergeants
  24 former soldiers
  1 summoner
  2 cybeross
  10 siege ravagers
  2 combat drones
  12 former sergeants
  6 corrupted soldiers
  44 CRI marines
  25 cryoreavers
  2 hellish commandos
  5 corrupted heavys
  8 cryobeross
  2 former CRI sergeants
  6 security drones
  6 exalted reavers
  6 plasma ravagers
  12 exalted fiends
  11 armored ravagers
  2 CRI commandos
  31 security bots
  2 military bots
  9 turrets
  23 archreavers
  45 CRI bots
  6 corrupted commandos
  2 CRI soldiers
  8 reavers
  1 former CRI grunt
  3 military drones
  33 fire fiends
  14 CRI turrets
  15 exalted soldiers
  29 former guards
  4 former grunts
  21 ravagers
  5 former heavys
  2 former CRI commandos
  10 rocket turrets
  4 former CRI guards

  Hellrunner L2
  Ironman L2
  Tough as Nails L1
  Reloader L1
  Son of a Gun L2
  Gunslinger L2
  Whizkid L1
  Field Medic

  Slot #1 : ADV 9mm pistol P2AF
  Slot #2 : ADV .44 revolver PL
  Slot #3 : CRI plasma pistol P2L
  Body    : CRI armor P
  Utility : CRI pistol damage amp

  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x86)
  .44 ammo (x31)
  CRI phase kit (x2)
  multitool (x4)
  stimpack (x1)
  small medkit (x2)
  large medkit
  large medkit



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Re: [0.8.8|U|Ma|AoMr|13|YAAM] Gunslinger almost too easy...
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2020, 13:40 »

very nice run - one of these days i'm going to stop taking the easy way out and take on the cri armory

scavenger as a trait sounds cool in theory, but i've always found the ammo conversion rates are a bit weak and often feels more efficient to balance your ammo based on what enemies are dropping on that level. it would be cool to have pistols that take 7.62 (or even rockets) but that probably wouldn't do much towards smoothing out the difficulty
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