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[0.8.9|E|AoHu|YAAM] If it is Hubris...?


hub, level 8 Technician, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 3269 turns.
The run time was 45m 8s.
He scored 2828 points.
He wanted to take it EASY.
He was an Angel of Hubris!

IO L4 -> Io Warehouse
Io Warehouse - cleared
BEYOND L1 -> The Arena
The Arena - cleared

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Icarus Ribbon (+50)
   * Won the game in less than 4,000 turns
  Untouchable Ribbon (+50)
   * Won taking less than 1000 damage
  Hubristic Bronze Badge
   * Reach Beyond on Angel of Hubris
  Hubristic Silver Badge
   * Complete Angel of Hubris (AoH)

He killed 146 out of 146 enemies.

  5 former CRI sergeants
  4 former CRI guards
  3 plasma ravagers
  3 armored ravagers
  6 ravagers
  3 siege ravagers
  5 former CRI soldiers
  24 fiends
  3 rocket turrets
  13 archreavers
  4 former CRI commandos
  1 former CRI heavy
  2 CRI guards
  2 hellish soldiers
  14 CRI marines
  4 toxic reavers
  7 turrets
  4 former CRI grunts
  18 fire fiends
  1 military drone
  1 military bot
  2 kerbeross
  7 CRI bots
  1 summoner
  9 reavers
  1 hellish sergeant
  2 toxibeross

  Packrat L1
  Son of a Gun L2
  Whizkid L1
  Gun hoarder

Trait order

  Slot #1 : .44 deagle
  Slot #2 : CRI bio launcher
  Slot #3 : ADV energy pistol PBA
  Slot #4 :  - NONE -
  Body    : ADV red armor P
  Utility : ADV accuracy amp

  energy cell (x100)
  energy cell (x47)
  rocket (x10)
  rocket (x9)
  .44 ammo (x20)
  CRI phase kit (x3)
  multitool (x4)
  military stimpack
  stimpack (x1)
  large medkit
  large medkit

I know playing on easy is... not as cool, but! I must say, starting with deagle made it much easier to mop up the first floor:D also energy pistol with SOG is very, very effective now! still needs a bulk mod and power mod to bring it to necessary power, but headshots ALMOST murder an archreaver.

Moonshine Fox:
I've done tons of Gunslinger runs lately and I've seen an Adv Energy Pistol once. I'm super jealous of yours there. :)


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