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  • May 30, 2023, 19:29
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Author Topic: [U|AoMr|YAAM] I'd better find my combat pistol myself  (Read 775 times)


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Got some free time while being on a sick leave, coupled with all-over closing of stuffs, uncovered DoomrL after another hiatus - found out my hands and brain still have wires optimised for this! Checked my badges, found that I'm missing a Marksman Platinum - but I'm very fond of pistols in 0997, thus went for it. After about twenty tries of fruitless Sereging that badge, with best try ending at Hell lv5 with three packs around the start, and the only phase device to drop me right between them... I went with normal way, spent another twenty tries bootstrapping to either Int-Int or SoG3, failed all of them and cried myself to sleep. Next morning things turned to my favor, and I've got me a combat pistol at Deimos5, and a real ton of 10mm chains to supply my 2d4 "B" pistol with power needed to faceroll barons and pain elementals. Got two caves of spiders back to back, but with a P-red they were somewhat easy, although it took a full chain to wreck em all. Had no nukes, but a homie and an invulnerability on Hell7 - this could as well be a full win should the RNG give me one. Hum. Anyway I'm happy.
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