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Just beat HTNR, got screwed out of my Mortem


I'd won (even fully) on ITYTD several times, but had been bashing my head against HNTR numerous times never winning. Mostly aimed for Ammochain but then tried Fireangel and Cateye sometimes.

This time I decided to try Entrenchment and it worked out great! Seemed to suit my lack of understanding of cover and dodging, lol.

I was lucky enough to find a Nano mod and build myself a Nanomachic Laser Rifle + P, and things went VERY smoothly from there! Found a Sniper mod towards the end but didn't find much use for it.

I had made and hoarded too much Armor over the course of the game and had more Technical mods than I really wanted.

After my Mastery, I of course snagged both levels of Whizkid than a second level of Badass since I had the first already, finished off with Triggerhappy 2.

I cleared out the Mortuary and snagged the guaranteed Nuclear BFG and Angelic Armor.

I nuked the Mastermind and pounded John Carmack with ease! I believe I had 727/728 kills.

...But it didn't save my Mortem. Not in the folder, nor the mortem.txt file. Both dated 2016.

I really wanted to share it, as unimpressive to Veterans as it might be, but nope... So I guess we'll have to make do with this combined bug-whine and story.

I'm still happy to beat it, and now I want to move onto the Angel Challenges!

Nice! Regarding an issue with mortems, check permissions on your DoomRL folder and check if you can write there. If not, change them so you can, or copy the entire folder elsewhere then grant yourself write permissions on it.


I ended up having to do something like that. I couldn't get it off "read only", so had to look up a way to fiddle with ownership of the folder.

Now I've gotten it to start archiving again.


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