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In what universe is the Technician overpowered?


So I have finished the game twice on UV with the Marine. Which means that I don't totally suck at the game. And I can't get anywhere near finishing it with the Technician. I seem to take too much damage, continuously, incidentally. With the Marine, I can offset the damage with "Incoming" for rockets or barrels, and the "Medic" Perk and the health boost at the start of each level to carry me through.

But the Technician gets none of these. And I don't seem to be able to get deep enough into the game to get the high end Technician abilities going.

What do you guys recommend, in terms of weaponry, skill choices (I have been using "Hacker" to spot enemies and kill them outside sight range with a Hunting Rifle or a 9mm auto rifle etc. What builds do you guys use to be any good with a Technician? Any suggestions or tips appreciated.

Thanks so much to the devs for such a cool and unique game. Cheers.

headshot got nerfed quite a bit in this version, but what i do is more or less:

son of a gun 1/2 -> headshot


sustained fire 1/2 -> overkill

if i'm doing an auto build i'll usually take juggler here, and then go for whizkid 1/2 to tinkerer, whereas pistols i'll just go straight to tinkerer. tinkerer is an awesome trait which allows you squeeze an extra medkit out of every health terminal, as well as a power mod and some change out of every item terminal

after tinkerer i'll go up to remote hack as i think its worth it to carry a stack of multitools for the chance to remove a cri bot from the playing field, especially if its at full health and can be used to attack other stuff. plus the ability to hack turrets via terminal and the more or less free of charge (as well as the drones) is incredibly useful too

if i'm doing auto build, before i get to io i'll take gun hoarder to free up an extra slot for a plasma rifle and usually take shottyman before the end if i don't find a shotgun with autoloader trait. for autobuilds, strong shotguns are essential imo for staving off strong melee enemies, and as a result i'll usually take a shotgun utility over rifle utilities during an auto build. it might sound counter intuitive, but souped up plasma gun (nevermind adv chainguns or whatever) are more than enough to get the job done at range, but if strong reavers are in your face, you'll want to take them down asap with something like the jackhammer, adv double barrel, heavily modded plasma shotgun etc

for weapons if i'm doing a pistol build i'll balance out the early game with revolver and 9mm guns based on the perks i get out of adv weapons. io and on i try to have one that takes 44 ammo, one that takes 9mm ammo and one that takes cell

for auto build, i'll balance slots between a short range slot (shotguns), medium range guns (9mm auto to 7.62 auto to chaingun usually), and long range guns (hunter rifle to rocket launcher), and then when i get to io switch between chaingun and plasma rifle for medium range based on what ammo is available on the level

since adv chainguns, rocket launchers and plasma rifles are quite rare compared to other types of guns, i usually just start throwing mods into the standard versions of these weapons. with pistols is usually worth waiting for an adv to overly mod stuff, but with the dismantle action you can cycle one mod through guns without penalty

As far as I'm aware the only progression that makes sense for Technician early game for regular UV is Juggler -> Shottyman -> TaN -> Hunker Down. After this you can really do whatever you want. You can try going headshot first, but you are risking not doing too hot in Calisto Anomaly/Valhalla Command if you don't find a good revolver early, while with chaingun + shotgun will deal with calisto anomaly just fine.

In general look for opportunities to utilize hunker down and the insane 3-4 grenades per turn you can toss with skilled lvl 1. Also, put at least 1 mod on anything you are using at the moment because you can get at least 1 mod for free back and 2 with skilled, which really makes the inventory management easier while giving you a nice power boost. Also, remember to use his skill which is pretty much the most overpowered skill in the game.


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