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New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted

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Yeah, it doesn't look to me like either your CPU or GPU should be causing the problem.

Your energy example works as intended provided the player executes first. However, when the player moves first, that means other actors move afterwards, which means that the messages their actions generate appear after any messages generated by the player's action.

The question, then, is which approach is least jarring, and that seems to be where our opinions differ.

To be fair, from pure gameplay perspective, when it is your turn, u kinda expect that if enemy dies in it, it wont hit you before , ya know :D
Current message flow makes sure that whatever enemy comes aknocking, you can almost certainly expect that even if it takes one strike to put em down, they will get a bite in.

 in any case, i want to see what you will do with next update:D hope tormuse finds some time to try it too!

So, I think I've found a solution that addresses both of our concerns.

I've reconfigured message flow to display in reverse order to the in-game message display, and re-ordered the action queue so that the player moves first.

This way the message resulting from the player action still appears at the top of the in-game display each term, but in its proper order in the message recall, and enemies are prevented from making in-between moves like the one you described. Unfortunately, I won't be able to push that out for testing until the next release, which I don't have ready quite yet. I'll try to get it finished up and posted soon, and after that I'll maintain a release branch for hotfixing bugs and correcting other minor issues, so I don't have to delay getting them out to testers.

Thanks again for your input.

No problem!
A minor thing you might want to add is always showing a message for where the stairs lead (whether it stairs or room entrance). It would help one understand where he goes without going there.

All stairs(including the room entrances) do currently display a descriptive message on walk over, as well as on targeting with the 'l'ook command... is there something more specific, or different, that you're expecting?


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