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New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted

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ah! well, they may not show it when they are only showing high priority messages tho :D

Ah - yes, I do have the priority setting for that message set at Low(one step below High - the hierarchy is MAX > HIGH > LOW > MIN), I guess with the expectation that players will only filter their messages once they've reached a point where they're already aware, and preferring to ignore, the additional information available from most of the lower priority/higher verbosity messages.

My standards for assigning those levels are not entirely arbitrary, but they're also not extremely well defined, so that could definitely be tweaked if it becomes necessary.

We will see how it goes - for verbose/nonverbose idea of settings i d say it is still relevant message, for me at least.

I've uploaded the next release. Not quite as many feature additions as I wanted to get done for it, but I felt the updates based on feedback were a priority for this version.

On top of that, I'll now be running dev and release branches separately in the project, so I can make small changes to existing release versions even during development of the next release.

mkay, i guess there is no loading the game with the changes, at least it makes it crash immediately(the game load from previous version that is).

Of note:
Deflect causes damage to enemy without saying it does damage them.
Another thing - wait in place takes less time than needed for enemy to move? interesting. allows for some tactical gameplay at least.
More thought -on the combat text. Maybe at less verbose you need to leave only the result of the attack? like, enemy evaded, or you inflicted damage? to be fair, i do not really need to know that i prepared a feint, when i am not one desciding it should be a feint . it is nice to see the combat flow tho, even if i feel like instead of two messages(attempts to evade - fails|succeeds ) it should be one that it evades or fails to do so:3
Target window: when there is more enemies than one, sometimes you fight one enemy but it keeps showing you the other in vision. maybe better for it to show who you attacked knowingly last?
After escaping, i got the list of items i got... and then received the first time playing text again :P


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