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New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted

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Unfortunately savefiles are not compatible between versions - due to the way they're written and read, any change to any of the in-game assets which are saved will cause existing save files to become unreadable, since they cannot be correctly interpreted into the updated asset.

The reason deflect does damage to enemies is because your enemies are using parts of their own bodies as weapons and armor - so instead of damaging those items, like it does for the player, it actually deals a (very small) amount of damage to their health instead. This has the potential to be important later, when those damage numbers can be magnified intentionally if desired, but for now it's not going to help you much on anything bigger then the smallest spiders.

Wait in place is indeed a fast action - it actually generates energy, rather than consuming it like most other actions. So yes, it is meant to enable tactical play, rather than simply passing a turn as it serves to do in similar games. This may very well need to be balanced, as I've not explored the consequences of using it that way yet.

You raise a good point on message verbosity settings - I've made the following changes:

4 APR 2020 - Version [a.2.1]:
  -Message verbosity settings persist between play sessions.
  -Combat message priorities adjusted as follows:
   >Initial attack and defend messages reduced to LOW from MAX.
   >Successful evasion and deflection messages increased to HIGH from LOW.
   >Hits resulting in damage increased to MAX from HIGH.
   >Non-boss kill messages increased to MAX from HIGH(boss kill messages remain at MAX).

Do note that, while your attack and defense tactics are chosen randomly and automatically at present, future updates will give you control over them, and let you select a tactic from those available in your current melee combat form to exploit enemy defenses if desired. You'll also be able to let it remain random. For now, the messages are meant to convey the interactions and let you get a sense of how attack tactics interact with defense tactics(although there's a more detailed explanation in the manual) so you can better make those decisions once you're able to do so.

As far as targeting, it sorts by distance to the player, so if you are adjacent to multiple enemies, it will sort by orthogonal adjacency and then diagonal adjacency, but otherwise will not discern beyond this - although it will if you use the 'l'ook command to re-target a new enemy. However, this probably shouldn't be necessary. I'll look into automating target updates based on most recent combat opponent for the next release - this shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

As far as the repetitive lore message, I've received one other report about that happening, but I've never been able to reproduce it. Are you able to get that to happen consistently? If so, what are the steps to do so?

To put it simple -  i escaped the dungeon, and then i got the repeated lore. i got to second level before escaping the certain death in form of silver wolves times 2.
in my case,i was fighting the wolf who got close to me, but kept being shown spider info who was good 6 tiles away from me by now(but still visible).

I've added issues to track both the targeting problem and the re-displayed message.

The targeting can definitely be updated - however, I've explored a couple of possibilities on the lore re-display and cannot manage to replicate it. If you can discover a series of more definite steps which reliably causes it to occur, that would be incredibly helpful. If not, I'll keep digging, but I'm at a loss for now.

I cant seem to replicate it, maybe it relates to replacing with newer version and then deleting save and starting anew?
or cuz i got to level i was not on before and then fled.

BTW - chugging is visible the more i try to queue commands - it is a noticeable lag between press and resuly

Odd - if it turns up again, let me know.

Targeting is already updated in the development version, so the next release will have it - it only took a single line, much easier than even I expected.

What do you mean by queuing commands? The game technically permits that, since pending actions are stored in a queue(to facilitate potential future AI upgrades which might make more detailed plans - right now they only ever think one step at a time, and the player uses the same system to load actions derived from keyboard commands), but there's a built in delay on the input handler to prevent flooding the queue. This delay is very small (15ms), but the engine should easily resolve the last input before it can accept a new one - which means it should be ready and waiting for it.

If it's running so slowly that you're actually able to build up a queue of commands, that's quite concerning, and I don't have any immediate ideas about what would be causing that, or how I could fix it. At this point, I'd prefer to wait and see how widespread that issue is before I try any significant changes.

Edit: For now, I think we ought to conduct any additional feedback via private message - it's just been you and me so far on this topic, and I don't want to monopolize the forums, especially when we've got a lot of new DRL mortems going, and Jupiter Hell is posting frequent updates. I really appreciate everything you've pointed out so far.


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