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New Roguelike - alpha testers wanted

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It chugs on every movement action - it visibly takes it at least a second to process for some odd reason.
The problem seems to be with processor - even when the game is idle, it eats in 15-17 percent of my processor power:D
I got i5 6500 - 3.2 ghz.
it also slows down on exiting, and saving, as you also felt it;3

For now, since there is no such thing as use for exp level except full heal,and no equipment options, this is as far as i can test it i think?:D
as meeting a bear means certain death.

For combat - it is.... clunkier than i d want. since you have energy system , where for each action of mine enemy may get in two -three of his, and not necessarily after my own, i tend to suddenly find myself on square where enemy was since i countered him instead of hitting, and thus got moved. this is..jarring in experience.

A second on every move? o_O  even when there are no monsters in sight of the player? The combat handler is pretty complex and has a lot going on(although even that shouldn't result in the sorts of delays you're seeing), but ordinary movement shouldn't have any reason to delay that long... that's very concerning, especially given your processor.

You're probably right as far as the extent of testing for now - the game doesn't have enough content to be very replayable yet, so at this point I'm mostly looking for observations like what you've made, things I've overlooked or otherwise failed to notice or worry about in my own testing(since that's usually focused on whatever feature I've just added, and I mentally skip everything else until I get to what I'm specifically looking for). I definitely appreciate your feedback so far.

The combat might need some review - you're right that the counterattack system can cause enemies to die somewhat unexpectedly, which can be jarring - especially with the slowdowns you seem to be experiencing. I do want to preserve that aspect of it, and I think it will be less jarring against more powerful enemies(who won't die instantly like the little spiders in the forest). It might require some adjustment - maybe counterattacks should be prevented from doing lethal damage, for example. I'll bear that in mind and remain open to making changes.

I will note that no enemy should be getting two to three actions against you - it's possible with the way the system works, but none of the enemies I've added so far have the ability to use it that way. I think the unexpected moves are entirely due to the counterattack system, not the energy system.

It got a visible delay on every move i try to make so that one is consistent - and as i said, for some reason java on your game eats a lot more than i d expect in idle mode where all that happens is few tiles changing their looks.

Energy system is all fine and good, many games use it, but maybe you could try ADOM approach? so whenever you make actions, monsters make action only after yours is completed.

and yes, problem is with energy and counterattack together making me move somewhere x3 however, i could have spider attack me before i move off the space i was in which also makes it seem like it attacked from a tile away:3

Yeah, that's definitely unexpected - as you say, when the game is idling, the only thing that's happening is the GUI is on a loop refreshing the display, and that doesn't take up all that much processing power(unless Java is automatically tasking that to my GPU instead of my CPU - what sort of graphics card do you have?).

I initially had the player queued as the first actor to execute, but this resulted in the message obscurity I mentioned in my first reply - that is, the message directly generated by the player's action was not the one that appeared most recently. Now I have the player executing last, so the message corresponding to your action is on top. It'll work either way in the engine, and I'll keep it open and see what other feedback I receive - I'll definitely keep yours in mind.

The attack from a tile away is not really related to that - you'll queue an action, but the spider will reach the energy it needs to act first, request a decision from its AI(which will choose to attack the player since it is adjacent at that point), and make the attack, after which the player actor will reach the energy required for the action you chose with your keyboard input and move away. This actually wouldn't change even if I had the player at the first position in the engine's actor queue, because each actor generates a small amount of energy each game turn, and the engine simulates these game turns until the player has enough energy to act. Part of this simulation includes handling actions by non player actors who gain enough energy to act before the player does. The only real consequence would be to bury the message directly produced by the player's input, which I personally don't like(but again, will remain receptive to input on).

To actually ensure that the player acted first in all situations, I'd need a totally different engine concept - which isn't necessarily off the table, but it's something I'd be quite hesitant to do at this point.

i have geforce 1060 6GB - which would easily handle the load if it was going on it :3
As for energy and actors, hear me out.
Situation 1 - enemy and you got near one another. either your enemy has enough energy to get close and attack, or just get close.
then, you may have secret energy counter behind the scenes making player's move be the most important, and everything else is decided after it. so you decide to move. then, if enemy has enough energy, it moves after you, and then checks if remaining energy is enough for attack. not during your move, but after it had to chase you down.

in energy

start of the turn - example both just entered a world. for me player, i move once every 100 energy units, enemy once every 75.
so, first move we both go a tile. second and third too. on forth, i go once, and enemy goes twice, correct? so, in your current way, if we end up near one another and enemy got more energy than 0, it will always attack me before i leave my tile. while instead, it should follow me, and then eventually gain enough spared energy to move and attack:3


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