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Highlight class trait names on trait screen

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Currently, the highlighted words in class traits description are "Active" or "Passive". It's important, but the names of the traits being described also need to catch an eye.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
I don't think I follow?

Sorry for my bad English.

I wish that "adrenaline" was highlighted with the same color as the "Active" word. I find myself more then once wanting to re-read the description of a skill, and searching this screen for a long time.

There's no need to highlight anything in the "Passive" paragraph.

Moonshine Fox:
But why would "Adrenaline" be highlighted? It's not a stat, not a game mechanic. It's just "fluff" text. If anything, "Fury" should be highlighted in that case, since that's the class resource.

It is an activated ability name. It IS a game mechanic.
I could ask for the description text to mention it: "Active: Adrenaline - blablabla", but I'm only modestly asking to highlight the word that already happens to be there. Fewer words is a better writing.


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