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Author Topic: [M|AoB|96%|22|YASD] Made it to Mt Erebus, forgot to heal...  (Read 809 times)


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 DoomRL ( roguelike post-mortem character dump

 Crash, level 10 Mancubus Warrant Officer Marine,
 rode a mancubus rocket on level 6 of Hell.
 He survived 75887 turns and scored 74589 points.
 He played for 58 minutes and 35 seconds.
 He didn't like it too rough.

 He killed 571 out of 592 hellspawn. (96%)
 He held his right to remain violent.
 He was an Angel of Berserk!

-- Special levels --------------------------------------------

  Levels generated : 11
  Levels visited   : 6
  Levels completed : 4

-- Awards ----------------------------------------------------

  Longinus Gold Badge

-- Graveyard -------------------------------------------------


-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 0/60   Experience 49600/10
  ToHit Ranged +0  ToHit Melee +6  ToDmg Ranged +0  ToDmg Melee +9

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

  Class : Marine

    Finesse          (Level 2)
    Brute            (Level 3)
    Berserker        (Level 1)
    Whizkid          (Level 2)
    Badass           (Level 1)
    Vampyre          (Level 1)


-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   nanofiber red armor [2]
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   ripper (6d6) (T)
    [c] [ Boots      ]   grappling plasteel boots [1/3] (27%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   Longinus Spear (8d8)

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] tactical armor [0/0] (100%)
    [b] ballistic red armor [2/4] (46%) (A)
    [c] bullet-proof vest [1/1] (100%)
    [d] large med-pack
    [e] large med-pack
    [f] large med-pack
    [g] large med-pack
    [h] large med-pack
    [i] large med-pack
    [j] homing phase device
    [k] homing phase device
    [l] envirosuit pack
    [m] envirosuit pack
    [n] thermonuclear bomb
    [o] technical mod pack
    [p] blood skull
    [q] blood skull
    [r] fire skull
    [s] fire skull
    [t] tactical boots [0/0] (100%)

-- Resistances -----------------------------------------------

    Acid       - internal 0%    torso 0%    feet 25% 
    Fire       - internal 0%    torso 13%   feet 12% 

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    123 former humans
    66 former sergeants
    19 former captains
    103 imps
    59 demons
    104 lost souls
    34 cacodemons
    19 hell knights
    11 barons of hell
    6 arachnotrons
    2 former commandos
    4 pain elementals
    1 revenant
    5 mancubi
    3 arch-viles
    5 elite former humans
    2 elite former sergeants
    2 bruiser brothers
    1 agony elemental
    1 Angel of Death
    1 Cyberdemon

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

  He started his journey on the surface of Phobos.
  On level 5 he stormed the Chained Court.
  On level 5 he assembled a tactical boots!
  On level 7 he assembled a tactical armor!
  On level 7 he marched into the Military Base.
  He purified his fellow comrades.
  On level 8 he encountered the Phobos Anomaly.
  On level 9 he entered Deimos Lab.
  On level 9 he assembled a nanofiber armor!
  He fought hard, but decided the reward was not worth it.
  On level 10 he assembled a grappling boots!
  On level 10 he found the Trigun!
  On level 12 he romped upon the Abyssal Plains.
  He barely escaped the trap set for him.
  On level 16 he found the Tower of Babel!
  On level 17 he assembled a ripper!
  On level 17 he invaded the Unholy Cathedral!
  On level 17 he found the Longinus Spear!
  He then destroyed the Unholy Cathedral!
  On level 21 he assembled a ballistic armor!
  On level 21 he assembled a grappling boots!
  On level 22 he found the BFG 10K!
  On level 22 he arrived at Mt. Erebus.
  On level 22 he finally rode a mancubus rocket.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 You swap your weapons. There is rocket (x3) lying here.
 You hit the cacodemon. The cacodemon dies. There is rocket (x3) lying here.
 You swap your weapons. There is rocket (x3) lying here.
 Boom! Boom! Boom!
 Boom! You are hit! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
 The mancubus hits you. Your red armor is damaged! The mancubus hits you.
 You swap your weapons.
 You hit the mancubus. The mancubus hits you.
 You use a large med-pack. You feel fully healed. The mancubus hits you. Your
 red armor is completely destroyed!
 You hit the mancubus. The mancubus dies.
 There is rocket (x3) lying here.
 You are hit!
 The lost soul hits you.
 You swap your weapons. Boom! The missile hits the lost soul. You are hit!
 The lost soul hits you. You are hit! You die!... Press <Enter>...

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 188 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 166 of those were killed.
 1 of those was killed by something unknown.
 And 13 couldn't handle the stress and committed a stupid suicide.

 8 souls destroyed the Mastermind...
 1 sacrificed itself for the good of mankind.
 2 killed the bitch and survived.
 5 showed that it can outsmart Hell itself.


It was the furthest I had gotten in Angel of Berserk (going Vampyre build as you can see), the first time I beat the Unholy Cathedral (maybe even the first time I visited it), I was on track for a Full Win... Then I forgot to chug one of my numerous med-kits at one point in a tangle against Mancubi...

It felt absolutely horrible, to come so close and then totally screw it up. :(
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