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Crusade show online


Almost titled this topic 'hardcore live stream', but didn't want to get anyone's hopes up :D

I've been mostly silent over here over the past year, with what me not having the hardware to join in the exploration of Jupiter Hell. Besides that, current affairs - the coronavirus - have seriously impacted my life over the last couple of months, one of the most bitter pills being no band practice.

As some of you may know, I'm the drummer for a hardcore/punk band. Tonight, we have the opportunity to play an empty venue - won't be the first time actually, but in this case at least it was planned. Local organizations have been offering live streams of concerts of all kinds of local bands, and our number's up tonight. You are herewith cordially invited to attend. Show will be presented through Facebook (I hope that doesn't deter too many people), and can be found through the venue's webpage here. Noise will start at 9pm CET, little under 6 and half hours from the time this is posted.

I sorely need this moment of catharsis. I hope some of you can enjoy it with me.



Heya LuckyDee!

I'm on exile from the Facebooks, so I won't be able to watch, but hang in there buddy -- I'm stuck indoors due to the coronavirus as well, and am unravelling slowly due to all kinds of weird shit happening to me.  And that doesn't include the whole shebang of not having my own [Chinese] orchestra rehearsals too.

JH runs at a playable 20-30fps on an Intel HD 620, until Io level 1 when the bots start rocketing everything around -- the frame rate tanks to about 12fps while that is happening [in the fog of war].

Hey laps,

Good to hear from you. I guess all of us are in the same boat to some extent and I'm certainly not defeated yet. One more week and I'll have a well earned holiday. And a nice bunch of violence tonight of course.

As far as JH goes, my graphics card is the bottleneck and so far I couldn't be bothered to take any action on it. Luckily there's loads of people here giving valuable feedback (my thanks to all of you <3) so I'll pick it up sometime in the future, when the official release is out.

Take care dude.


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