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Case-sensitive search autocomplete on the wiki


Hello!  The search autocomplete on the wiki is case-sensitive, which makes it needlessly difficult to search for things.  MediaWiki readily supports case-insensitive autocomplete.

Moonshine Fox:
The wiki isn't run by Chaosforge. It's a fan-site.

By "run", do you just mean who runs the wiki in a day-to-day sense?  What I am asking for requires changes to the filesystem, so I'm asking who has the necessary access for that.  Given that the wiki is on a ChaosForge subdomain, I'm assuming it's hosted here too.  If not, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me who actually hosts the wiki, because they told me to come here. :-)

See, the problem here is that "the Wiki" isn't obvious in terms of what it is referring to.

Lemme go ping Kornel and see what he can do about it.


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