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Ah, dammit, just when it was getting good, too...

I don't blame you, I'm very similar myself - which is why I've only just now popped back in after another long hiatus.

Pretty amazing Pacifist Angelic attempt there... I've never made it anywhere near that far myself. I think you're right though, the luck you need to complete that particular challenge is probably well above that required for anything else.

And not to tempt you as you're looking to the door, but what do you think of Speedrunner Angelic? Personally I believe it to be doable, and with a great deal less luck than Pacifist, but I suspect it would still take quite a lot of grinding to both build the right amount of intuition to play quickly enough to meet the time standard, as well as to land a run where that intuition would work out correctly for you in all critical situations.

switch it up with some jupiter hell!


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