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[ Linux x64] Segfault on startup


Getting this when I try to run DoomRL:

--- Code: ---Abnormal program termination!

Reason : Access violation

If this reason doesn't seem your fault, please submit a bug report at, be sure to include the last entries in
your error.log that will get created once you hit Enter.

An unhandled exception occurred at $00000000004D8ABA :
EAccessViolation : Access violation
  $00000000004D8ABA line 520 of ../fpcvalkyrie/src/vnode.pas
  $00000000004D8CD6 line 569 of ../fpcvalkyrie/src/vnode.pas
  $000000000048D5BB line 51 of ../fpcvalkyrie/src/vsystem.pas
  $00000000005C5277 line 66 of ../fpcvalkyrie/src/vio.pas
  $00000000004836BE line 386 of src/doomio.pas
  $000000000046C101 line 226 of src/doombase.pas
--- End code ---
Tile mode gets to the point of showing a loading window, but seems to hang at about 1/3rd loaded. Trying the 32-bit binaries for kicks gives the same set of errors as in this thread. I've checked my setup against this thread and all the libraries are installed.

The system is Devuan Ascii x64. Any ideas as to what's going wrong here? And did the source ever get released? Seems like it'd be worth just trying a fresh build since freenix binaries go stale so easily.

Anybody? Bueller?

Wish I could be of service, but I have the relevant technical savvy of a donut. Think Kornel's your best bet at the moment, but naturally most of his attention currently goes to JH.


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