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Author Topic: [0.9.4|N!|Ma|YASD] Bleh... my best Nightmare game so far  (Read 1780 times)


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I was trying for CRI Diamond, and this was the first time I got as far as Io.  (A bit disappointed there's no badge for getting to Io in Nightmare;  Oh well...)  :P  Aside from being a little worryingly low on ammo, I was doing well, with some pretty nice equipment, up until I opened a door to be greeted by a quartet of naturally occurring exalted reavers with fire ability, and I guess all four of them must've hit me at once, because they did a lot more damage than I was expecting.  I should've healed or sought cover or something, but they were so perfectly positioned for my cold-enhanced shotgun that I couldn't resist just shooting them.  Whoops...

And while I'm here, why are there so many Diamond badges that require you to play masterless?  They might as well say you're required to not have fun.  :P  I sort of wonder...  what if the requirement instead said you have to kill everything at least once?  (Or a minimum number of first-time kills?)  Then you still get the interesting benefits of the master traits, while making for some interesting strategic planning as you figure out what route you take through the level.

Tormuse, level 14 Marine, killed on
IO L5 by a exalted reaver.

He survived for 12487 turns.
The run time was 5h 54m 21s.
He scored 5504 points.
He opposed the NIGHTMARE!

CALLISTO L3 -> Mimir Habitat L1
Mimir Habitat L2 -> CalSec Central
CalSec Central - cleared
CalSec Central - cleared
CalSec Central - cleared
EUROPA L2 - Volatile Storage
EUROPA L2 -> Asterius Habitat L1
Asterius Habitat L2 - Infestation
Asterius Habitat L2 -> Asterius Breach
Asterius Breach - cleared
IO L2 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults
IO L5 - Lockdown

  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Conqueror Ribbon (+100)
   * Completed all encountered special levels

He killed 627 out of 723 enemies.

  1 former CRI soldier
  26 former soldiers
  17 reavers
  24 ice fiends
  2 corrupted soldiers
  32 turrets
  78 exalted soldiers
  31 exalted fiends
  10 armored ravagers
  6 plasma ravagers
  5 siege ravagers
  8 security drones
  10 CRI bots
  3 CRI marines
  36 exalted ravagers
  17 fiends
  16 fire fiends
  68 exalted reavers
  7 toxic reavers
  2 CRI guards
  4 former grunts
  30 ravagers
  5 former guards
  19 archreavers
  4 former CRI grunts
  1 former heavy
  6 corrupted commandos
  22 CalSec sentrys
  5 corrupted sergeants
  6 security bots
  7 corrupted heavys
  14 former commandos
  4 kerbeross
  11 former sergeants
  15 security sentrys
  1 military drone
  14 CalSec bots
  25 exalted kerbeross
  1 former CRI sergeant
  14 cryobeross
  1 toxiberos
  14 rocket turrets
  6 combat drones
  11 cryoreavers

  Skilled L2
  Furious L1
  Hellrunner L2
  Ironman L2
  Sustained fire L1
  Field Medic
  Angry Motherfucker

Trait order

  Slot #1 : AV2 7.62 assault rifle P
  Slot #2 : AV2 rocket launcher P
  Slot #3 : AV2 12ga auto-shotgun P
  Body    : AV2 combat armor PB
  Head    :  - NONE -
  Utility : AV1 auto AMP

  energy cell (x51)
  rocket (x10)
  rocket (x8)
  12ga shell (x14)
  7.62 ammo (x92)
  .44 ammo (x24)
  EMP grenade (x2)
  krak grenade (x3)
  smoke grenade (x3)
  military stimpack
  military stimpack
  large medkit
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Re: [0.9.4|N!|Ma|YASD] Bleh... my best Nightmare game so far
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2020, 07:52 »

very nice run, those exalted reavers are run killers in standard difficulty too, i always underestimate how hard they can hit
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