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Just to clarify, is that not a thing in this game? I was a massive DoomRL coward, tens-of-thousands of turns waiting for enemies to come to my humble corner of the level, but maybe it'll be good for me to adapt if it's not available.

right - JH demands a more active playstyle, though camping is still useful in certain situations (melee builds, areas with fiends/reavers, the hunt). lack of gift dropping also makes camping less useful than in DRL

Moonshine Fox:
Correct, spam-wait is not a thing in JH. It makes for a really dull and boring playstyle so it's not encouraged. Is it technically taking away an "optimal" strategy? Yes. But it's for the good of the game.

it doesn't take the strategy away though, it just makes the strategy significantly more frustrating. being on low-health with a tracked enemy nearby really sucks; you just sit there mashing wait, watching the red dot on the minimap. every single time it looks like it's about to enter LOS it goes "nah lol".

then you're like "okay, maybe it will move far enough away that I can take up a new, closer position", but same dealie, it just keeps wandering around this "always close enough to be a danger, never close enough for you to shoot it from cover" evil goldilocks zone.

alternatively, you gamble on it and die; but that also feels really bad, because if you do die, it was because you were pushed by boredom/frustration into doing something that got you killed.


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