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Anyway to change the resolution?


If I run it in fullscreen, about half an inch on every side is off screen, if I run it windowed, its so tiny in only takes up like 1/10th of my screen and is about a full inch off the left and top, with no way to move it.

Is there anyway to change the resolution since theres no options menu in game?

There is a Settings -> Display menu accessible from the title screen. That should help.

No theres not, theres just new game, challenge game, custom game, show highscores, show player, help, and exit.

No settings menu.

Really annoying cause im having to play without being able to see my health or my ammo :(

Eh, stupid me - wrong game (I was looking at Jupiter Hell). Sorry.

Check the config.lua file in your DRL installation folder, namely these settings (default values included):

--- Code: ----- Windows and GFX mode only:
-- Set to false to turn off the Fullscreen query at run time. If false you
-- can use StartFullscreen to control fullscreen at startup.
FullscreenQuery  = true

-- whether to start in fullscreen mode, use ALT-Enter to toggle, only
-- used when FullscreenQuery is set to false
StartFullscreen  = false

-- Windowed sizes
WindowedWidth       = 800
WindowedHeight      = 600
--- End code ---

Change FullScreenQuery to false, keep StartFullScreen at false, and fill out whatever WindowedWidth and WindowedHeight suits you. This should allow DoomRL to start in a window of your preferred size.

Again, sorry for the confusion.


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