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Author Topic: [0.9.6|N!|AoLT|Ma|YAVP] Lightfoot Diamond Badge! :D  (Read 1280 times)


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[0.9.6|N!|AoLT|Ma|YAVP] Lightfoot Diamond Badge! :D
« on: January 07, 2021, 15:19 »

I've been alternating between various challenges lately, trying for a number of Diamond badges, and finally got Lightfoot Diamond with my classic favourite Vampyre build!  :D

I largely relied on ranged weapons for early to mid game, carried a lot by the lucky find of the 7.62 CRI SMG, and then somewhere around Io, I switched to melee almost exclusively after I got the AV3 Katana from the weapon terminal in Tyre Outpost.  The "Exalted Bane" upgrade seemed fitting for a Nightmare game.  :)  (And I like the little nod to Nethack in the name)  :D  The Momentum upgrade on that weapon combined with the Kinetic upgrade on the armour meant that higher dodge bonuses meant higher damage and protection, which perfectly suited AoLT, where you get a natural speed boost, which I enhanced with Hellrunner, Swift, Danger Monitor, and Running.  :)

In a previous run, I found out the hard way that bleeding protection is now extra important for melee builds, because of the extra stackable bleedings that late game enemies give you.  :|  (And I also learned in this run that you need a power mod for bleeding protection instead of a bulk mod, like in previous versions;  that was a waste of a tech terminal)  :|

Not much else to say except that I noticed a couple of bugs.  The Tech Monitor ability says it "increases all repair received by 50%" but when I used the "repair armour" feature of a tech station, it increased it by the regular amount.  (Using multi-tools got the bonus, though...  and I was pleased to find that it affected both my helmet and body armour;  wasn't sure if it would, from the description)  :)  Also, the mortem still isn't displaying the trait order properly;  probably owing to me getting too many traits.  (All those Nightmare re-kills)  :P

Tormuse, level 17 Marine, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 13648 turns.
The run time was 6h 21m 4s.
He scored 8886 points.
He opposed the NIGHTMARE!
He was an Angel of Light Travel!

CALLISTO L3 - Volatile Storage
CALLISTO L3 -> Mimir Habitat L1
Mimir Habitat L2 - Lockdown
Mimir Habitat L2 -> CalSec Central
CalSec Central - cleared
EUROPA L3 -> Europa Dig Zone L1
Europa Dig Zone L2 -> Tyre Outpost
Tyre Outpost - cleared
IO L2 - Low Power
IO L3 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L1 - The Hunt
Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults
Black Site Vaults - cleared
The Shattered Abyss - cleared
BEYOND L2 - Exalted Curse
BEYOND L2 -> Limbo
Limbo - cleared

  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Explorer Ribbon (+50)
   * Visited all encountered special levels
  Conqueror Ribbon (+100)
   * Completed all encountered special levels
  Lightfoot Diamond Badge
   * Complete AoLT on Nightmare!

He killed 668 out of 697 enemies.

  59 archreavers
  5 plasma ravagers
  42 exalted ravagers
  34 fiends
  38 exalted fiends
  34 turrets
  10 rocket turrets
  1 Summoner
  1 former CRI grunt
  6 security sentrys
  51 exalted reavers
  13 CalSec bots
  1 former CRI soldier
  3 corrupted sergeants
  21 exalted kerbeross
  46 ravagers
  2 hellish sergeants
  26 former soldiers
  8 former guards
  15 siege ravagers
  21 fire fiends
  8 former heavys
  48 exalted soldiers
  2 former sergeants
  12 CRI marines
  5 corrupted heavys
  15 cryobeross
  2 guardian bots
  8 hellish soldiers
  3 military drones
  16 ice fiends
  3 toxic reavers
  4 former grunts
  4 hellish commandos
  1 former CRI heavy
  1 Swordmaster
  16 armored ravagers
  1 former CRI sergeant
  12 CRI bots
  64 reavers
  6 corrupted commandos
  4 security drones
  8 cybeross
  18 cryoreavers
  4 kerbeross
  23 CalSec sentrys
  10 former commandos
  2 security bots
  2 toxibeross

  Skilled L1
  Furious L2
  Hellrunner L2
  Ironman L1
  Tough as Nails L2
  Rip and tear L2
  Army Surplus L1
  Whizkid L1

Trait order

  Slot #1 : CRI 7.62 SMG
   * Hunter 1

  Slot #2 : AV2 rocket launcher B
   * Autoloader
   * Poisoned 5
   * Focused

  Slot #3 : demonic sword
   * Frenzy 10
   * Vampiric 5

  Slot #4 : AV3 katana BA2
   * Exalted bane
   * Resilient
   * Guarded 10
   * Critical 30
   * Disruptive 3
   * Momentum

  Body    : AV3 combat armor PBA
   * Swift
   * Durable
   * Meshed
   * Kinetic shield
   * Fireproof
   * Tenacity

  Head    : combat helmet PBA
   * Target tracking
   * Danger Monitor
   * Tech Monitor

  Utility : AV1 utility AMP
   * Carrier

  rocket (x5)
  7.62 ammo (x88)
  stimpack (x2)
  small medkit (x1)

PS  Darn it, I got two too many kills.  :P
Apostle Chaos Lt. General (
Check out my Youtube channel for videos of me playing DRL!  :)


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Re: [0.9.6|N!|AoLT|Ma|YAVP] Lightfoot Diamond Badge! :D
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2021, 04:48 »

Most impressive! I've got my eyes on this one, but with a totally different build!
Nice work! I'll take note of the bleeding protection point, I hadn't noticed it myself.
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Re: [0.9.6|N!|AoLT|Ma|YAVP] Lightfoot Diamond Badge! :D
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2021, 00:20 »

Note that I've been playing the bleeding-edge Beta version, so it's possible that some details are different from the "public" version.  It's easy to lose track of what comes from what version.
Apostle Chaos Lt. General (
Check out my Youtube channel for videos of me playing DRL!  :)
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