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How Dead is this Game?

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Welcome back dude, for what there is to come back to...

Hey guys, been a while!

Seems like the DoomRL community has gone pretty quiet over time, huh. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles, people move on.
Nowadays I'm writing my bachelor's thesis in software engineering. I used to make video content for the game on YouTube, where I'd take on community-given challenge modes. It didn't last all that long, but it was pretty fun. I remember failing early on many times, in which case I'd just restart the whole recording session. haha
I think it's cool that this game's community inspired me to expand on my let's play career at the time... and I still sometimes look back at those old videos and see how I've grown as a person. lol

All in all, I gotta say I had a blast with this game back when I was really into it, and I still think it's an awesome game. Still gotta give Jupiter Hell a try.
Hope you're all doing well!

DoomRL will be installed on every PC I own, forever! Playing Jupiter Hell at the moment, but I always come back to DRL eventually.

Doomrl is always one of the first programs installed on a new device for me too!

I think it always will be.

Every few years, I tend to come back to it, and start gathering those badges to unlock game modes and increase in rank! I love the gradual progression, and the way you get to 'pick' which challenges you'll use to progress.

The strategy in doomrl is absolutely remarkable. The only game that comes close, for me, is the revamped xcom series.

I have enjoyed some jupiter hell, and it's my hope that, in time, it manages to accumulate the same depth with a wide range of unique feeling levels, weapons, and builds (both character and modpack! ;)) that doomrl has. I have confidence that it'll get there, but in the mean time doomrl is my go-to title for turn-based tactics!
I haven't visited the forums due to distraction for the last few months, but I'm always eager to read new player experiences, ideas, and mortems.

(Yes Tormuse, your everyman medal was incredible! I'm sorry you didn't get enough fanfare for it!! 🖤)

Regarding these forums: they *really* need the 'auto-lock function on threads to be removed. The traffic has got lower over time, which makes me visit less frequently. However, when I *do* visit, see a topic that interests me and try to join in on some discussion. .. NOPE, thread autolocked, every time!

I have a strong suspicion that this feature is contributing to the 'deadness' of the community.

Ps... You know what I'd *really*, *really* pay to see?

Doomrl *exactly* recreated with the jupiter hell engine, and the id software ip content swapped out with functionally identical replacements.

That way, not only could I enjoy my favourite game with amazing graphics and sound and the most streamlined, beautiful roguelike engine I've ever seen; but the dev work could continue adding to it like the 'good old days' 10 years ago! 🖤

I remember reading that a doomrl mod for jupiter hell was 'almost inevitable', and it's one of the things that excited me most about it!


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