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How Dead is this Game?

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--- Quote from: Sylph on April 13, 2021, 21:53 ---Regarding these forums: they *really* need the 'auto-lock function on threads to be removed. The traffic has got lower over time, which makes me visit less frequently. However, when I *do* visit, see a topic that interests me and try to join in on some discussion. .. NOPE, thread autolocked, every time!

I have a strong suspicion that this feature is contributing to the 'deadness' of the community.

--- End quote ---

Apparently I can do something about that, and I think I have done so with some of the settings just now.  Yay?

Edit: For threads that are already auto-locked, there isn't an automated way of unlocking them, but just PM me and I will unlock it.  I'm here, even though I'm not saying much.


--- Quote from: ParaSait on March 26, 2021, 18:10 ---Hey, who remembers me? :D I've lost count of how many years it's been at this point...

I was thinking of revisiting DoomRL today, and I was wondering about exactly this question. The answer is pretty much in line with my expectations (unfortunately).

It's pretty clear that the game's development is officially 100% dead at this point, but I'd love to see this childhood game of mine come alive and kicking again in some form. I was thinking, maybe it would be really awesome if a couple of hardcore fans from the old days were to band together and work on a complete rewrite of the game, in a language that's a little less archaic, and with all the references to IP protected content carefully stripped out and replaced with "close enough" alternatives, while leaving the core gameplay mechanics entirely untouched. (one big advantage that DoomRL has is that even though it has a Doom-like paint job, it does very much have its own identity in the way of gameplay mechanics...)

I develop software for a living these days (albeit business software, not games). Maybe this could be a fun spare time thing to work on if there's any interest...

--- End quote ---

I remember you.

I'd be on board with a rebuild in a more modern language, if there was enough interest - I'm pretty solid with Java(I've even done a few small roguelikes of my own in it, one of which I've posted on these forums), and I'd be reasonably comfortable working with Python or C# as well, if those turn out to be more preferable among the pool of potential developers.

It would also be nice to have Kornel's blessing, of course.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you like regarding this.

The drive for a re-creation of doomrl without ip problems is amazing!
As I'd mentioned in my post above, I think it would be an awesome opportunity for the jupiter hell engine.

Being a career IT developer, I'd happily lend my talents where ever they could be of use, but it's worth mentioning that I don't currently hugely enjoy coding, nor find myself particularly gifted with it!
I have enough interest to tinker (like adding a 'run-wait' feature to jupiter hell for my own pleasure!), but I don't tend to have enough passion to push a project of any great scale as a hobby!
What I do love is writing and design, so at the very least I could offer documentation, lore, and even some game design ideas if further expansion on the title was intended.
I recognise, though, that doomrl is Kornel's baby, and he should ultimately be the overlord for any attempts to move it forwards.

TheLaptop: thankyou for the change to the forum autolock feature! I think I'll be very thankful to you in the future, when I get to reply to threads here!


--- Quote from: Sylph on April 15, 2021, 05:37 ---TheLaptop: thankyou for the change to the forum autolock feature! I think I'll be very thankful to you in the future, when I get to reply to threads here!

--- End quote ---

Just try to reply within a year of the post to avoid massive necromancing.  🤣

Yeah, I've been periodically asking TheLaptop to re-open auto-closed threads when I wanted to post something, so it'll be nice that that stops being an issue.  :)


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