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Author Topic: [0.9.8a|M|AoMr|Sc|YAVP] Heck yeah MGK!  (Read 2132 times)


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[0.9.8a|M|AoMr|Sc|YAVP] Heck yeah MGK!
« on: April 15, 2021, 06:53 »

I've been trying to win AoMr for quite awhile.  The only problem was that I was trying to do it on Hard, and that was... well... hard.

The other problem was that I was gunning for the Master as early as it was possible, but I think that was not the right way to go, since I kept on dying.  Thus, I decided to just build myself up carefully and leave the Master (MGK in this case) only at the end.

It worked very well.  Survivability was much improved through all the first and second tier traits.  I was a little miffed at the change in the way Mods worked before, but it definitely felt more refined this time round.  All the messages were cute, though I still haven't developed the courage and skill to go on an Explorer streak -- I was just happy to complete this challenge.

Just for reference, the peak 9mm ammo that I was lugging around was about 700, but that got quickly consumed the moment I went to Io and Beyond.  If not for the ability to trade Multitools for 9mm ammo, I think I would not have enough to get through.

For all the run till the end of Io, I was going on a strong 100% kill rate.  But I chickened out halfway through Beyond because of my fear of a lack of ammo to handle the Summoner.  Each floor in Beyond took about 1 stack of 100x 9mm to clear.  MGK L3 was amazing in fighting the Summoner thanks to the auto-targeting -- I just need to remember to reload ever so often.

I like the new mortems with all the properties for each of the equipment; it's awesome!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Just a thought though, all these new messages are a little hard to read using the old 8x8 fonts.  I don't know why -- I have no problems with reading the descriptions in the same font, but trying to read it in the messages just gave me a minor headache for some reason, even though the width of both are roughly the same (41 characters for inventory description, 46 for the messages).

Maybe we can use the typewriter convention of using double spaces to separate sentences?  Or perhaps it is time to switch over to the 8x16 font that is more "text" than the 8x8 graphics font.  I would normally suggest using proportional fonts for long text, but I think that defeats the aesthetic we are going for.

The other sad thing is the lack of Steam achievements for completing AoMr.  Is it because it's too easy to deserve an achievement (hahaha), or just an oversight?

I love the short breather in between major level groups though -- it seemed that each section took about 10 min longer than the previous one, except for Beyond when I chickened out and finish in just 4-ish minutes.
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